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Enhancing Security with Wanco Surveillance Trailers Now Available at Ring Power's Cat Rental Store in Orlando and Ocala

In today's world, security is a paramount concern, especially for businesses, construction sites, and remote locations. The need to secure job sites, deter theft, protect property, and promote safety has never been greater. At Ring Power's Cat Rental Store, we're proud to introduce a game-changing solution to address these challenges - Wanco Surveillance Security Trailers. Available to rent now at our Orlando and Ocala Rental Store locations, these trailers are set to revolutionize the way you safeguard your assets.

Versatile Security Solutions

The Wanco Mini Solar Surveillance System is an innovative portable surveillance solution that offers an array of features to meet your security needs. Whether it's a construction site, an outdoor event, or any remote location, this system can be easily deployed in less than 10 minutes and towed with most vehicles, making it a versatile security solution that adapts to your specific requirements.

Advanced Camera System

At the heart of the Wanco Surveillance Trailer is a feature-rich camera system designed for outdoor use, ensuring durability and reliability. The system boasts dual pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) infrared cameras that deliver exceptional performance in various lighting conditions, including low light and no-light scenarios.

Resolution: With a video resolution of 1028×596 or HD 1080p, you can capture crystal-clear images.

Zoom Capabilities: The 23x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom provide precise control over your surveillance.

Recording: Onboard digital recording to a solid-state NVR ensures that you never miss a moment.

Cutting-Edge Connectivity

The Wanco Surveillance Trailer offers remote accessibility and control through cellular or Wi-Fi® connections. This means you can view live video feeds and manage the cameras from any Internet-connected device. You can also set up email and text notifications based on real-time video analytics, ensuring you're alerted to any suspicious activity promptly.


 Solar-Powered Sustainability

One of the most remarkable features of this system is its sustainability. It is powered by batteries that are charged through a solar-based automated charging system. With sufficient sunlight, the system can operate autonomously year-round. This sustainable power source ensures that your security solution is always operational.

 Key Features at a Glance

Outdoor IP-Network Cameras: Two high-quality cameras with 360° rotation.

Solar-Powered: A 730-watt solar array keeps the system running year-round.

Compact Design: The trailer can be towed by most vehicles and fits into tight locations.

Intelligent Surveillance: Video analytics for intelligent surveillance applications, with motion detection alerts via email or text.

Zero Latency Control: Enjoy real-time control of the PTZ cameras with zero latency.

Mobile App: Control the system remotely using the app for iOS and Android™ devices.

IR Cameras: Infrared cameras with built-in illuminators for nighttime use.

Security On-the-Go

The Wanco Surveillance Trailer is tailored for mobile surveillance applications, and its infrared cameras include local recording capability and wireless transmission technology. The primary camera and electronics are conveniently housed in a single, compact unit, and the secondary camera uses the primary's electronics. This streamlined design enhances the system's efficiency and reliability.

Stay Connected, Stay Secure

With quick-connectors and lock-pins for easy installation, GPS location tracking, and the ability to rotate the 20-foot telescoping vertical tower nearly 360 degrees, the Wanco Surveillance Trailer is a comprehensive security solution that ensures you stay connected and, most importantly, stay secure.

Ring Power's Cat Rental Store is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to meet your security needs. The Wanco Surveillance Security Trailers available at our Orlando and Ocala Rental Store locations are a testament to this commitment. Don't leave the security of your job sites and properties to chance. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative system and how it can enhance the security of your business or projects. Your peace of mind is our priority, and the Wanco Surveillance Trailer is here to make it a reality. 

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