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St. Augustine Heavy Equipment Technicians Breathe New Life into Cat 385CL Excavator


The team at Ring Power's St. Augustine Heavy Equipment shop is proud to showcase the recent completion of a comprehensive rebuild project on a Cat 385CL Excavator.

The project, started in late November 2023, involved a dedicated team of two technicians and one apprentice, and was completed in approximately 60 working days:

Reed Barker (Heavy Equipment Tech II)

Sean McDonald (Heavy Equipment Tech II)

Seth Williams (Heavy Equipment Apprentice)

This project aimed to grant a "Second Life" to a 2006 385CL Excavator, and the team accomplished this through a comprehensive overhaul:

Complete Component Rebuild: The engine, cooling packages, swing drives, and final drives were meticulously disassembled and rebuilt.

Enhanced Stability: The machine was split to facilitate a swing bearing replacement, ensuring continued stability during operation.

Hydraulic System Refresh: All hydraulic components, including valves, pumps, motors, and cylinders, were resealed, and all hydraulic hoses were replaced.

Electrical & Operator Station Revamp: The electrical harnesses were entirely replaced, and the operator station was refurbished to provide a brand-new user experience.

Structural Reinforcement: Extensive fabrication and machine work were performed on the frame, boom, stick, and bucket to reinforce the machine's structure.

Undercarriage Renewal: The machine's undercarriage was reconditioned, and the tracks were replaced.

Cosmetic Refresh: The excavator received a complete makeover with sandblasting, a fresh coat of paint, and the installation of new factory decals.

 This impressive rebuild project was undertaken for Blue Goose Construction LLC, located in Fort Pierce, Florida. Ring Power is proud to have delivered this exceptional service, ensuring Blue Goose Construction has a dependable and high-performing machine ready to tackle their next project.

Kudos to Reed BarkerSean McDonaldSeth Williams, and the entire team for their dedication, expertise, and teamwork in bringing this Cat 385CL Excavator back to life!

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