International Exchange: Austrian Technician Gains Valuable Insights at Ring Power

In August, we welcomed a special guest from Zeppelin Cat in Austria to our Ring Power family in sunny Florida. Marc Schautzer's two-week immersion at Ring Power was a fascinating exploration of U.S. dealership operations, heavy machinery, and the daily life of an American service technician. This experience marked the second chapter of his extraordinary journey, following a week spent at Caterpillar in Peoria, Illinois.

This unique exchange program was brought to life through the vision of Martin Huber, Zeppelin Cat's Training Director, in collaboration with Kelley Maxwell, a Cat Global Dealer Learning Consultant. They joined forces with Ring Power and other dealers known for their robust training programs, making this initiative possible.

During his time with us, Marc's schedule was meticulously designed to offer a diverse range of experiences, encompassing Heavy Equipment shops and Power Systems. His journey took him through St. Augustine, Tampa, and Orlando, each offering unique insights into our operations.

Marc, a construction machine mechanic at Zeppelin since 2019, primarily focuses on servicing, machinery repair, and hose construction. His participation in this exchange program was driven by a deep desire to learn how dealers in different countries tackle similar tasks and to exchange knowledge with fellow technicians.

"I aimed to witness new techniques, tools, and work order procedures and learn how to implement them in my workplace," he expressed. "Notably, there are remarkable similarities, with differences often found in the minor details."

Reflecting on his time at Ring Power, Marc spoke highly of the global Cat dealer network, affirming that "Cat standards are consistently upheld worldwide, supported by a wealth of knowledgeable employees across the globe."

Following his time at Ring Power, Marc continued his journey to Arizona for a week-long stint at Empire Cat, further enhancing his global perspective.


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