Ring Power Helps Bring Back Childhood Laughter to Restored Park – A Legacy Renewed!

Ring Power is thrilled to celebrate the recent reopening of a beloved Jacksonville Park, and the story behind it holds a special family connection that bridges generations! 

In the 1970s, L.C. Ringhaver, the founder of Ring Power, made a significant contribution to the Jacksonville community by donating land along the Ortega River for the construction of a park.  For decades, this park became a cherished haven for children's laughter and family gatherings.  Generations of Jacksonville residents built cherished memories on that very spot. 

Sadly, by 2019, time and the elements took their toll. Flooding and disrepair forced the closure of the park’s playground, leaving a void in the community.  However, the spirit of Jacksonville wouldn't let this local treasure fade away.  Kim Clontz, founder of Friends of Jax Playgrounds, stepped forward with a determined vision.  She spearheaded an ambitious fundraising effort to not just rebuild the park, but to transform it into something even better. 

Ring Power, deeply committed to the community L.C. Ringhaver helped build, was honored to contribute $50,000 to this inspiring project.  Thanks to the tireless efforts of Friends of Jax Playgrounds, the City of Jacksonville, and the generosity of donors like Ring Power, a brand new, state-of-the-art playground has risen from the ground! 

This isn't just any playground – it's a place designed with inclusivity and accessibility in mind.  Two distinct play areas cater to different age groups, ensuring every child can enjoy the fun. Special rubberized flooring makes the playground truly ADA compliant, allowing children with mobility challenges to join the laughter and exploration.  But the pièce de résistance for many will undoubtedly be the 30-foot-tall slide – the tallest in Jacksonville! 

This playground represents more than just swings and slides; it's a place where children of all backgrounds can come together, build friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime.  Ring Power is incredibly proud to have played a part in bringing back joy and laughter to this special place, just as L.C. Ringhaver envisioned all those years ago. 

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the park's reopening held a particularly heartwarming moment for the Ringhaver family.  Randy Ringhaver, son of L.C. Ringhaver, was present to officially cut the ribbon.  This act symbolized the enduring commitment of the Ringhaver family to the Jacksonville community and the legacy established by his father.  It was a powerful testament to the lasting impact a single act of generosity can have, echoing through generations. 

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