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Top 6 Reasons to Choose Ring Power for Hydraulic Resealing & Repair Jobs

Is your hydraulic cylinder experiencing leaks or failure? 

There’s a lot more to resealing hydraulic cylinders than just installing new seals. Ring Power is committed to resealing hydraulic cylinders quickly and correctly the first time. That means using proper disassembly and assembly procedures, honing cylinder tubes, practicing contamination control, and installing the industry’s best hydraulic seals. We even check for other problems—such as dented or scored rods—and we pressure test each resealed cylinder.  

Here are the Top 6 Reasons to choose Ring Power for your hydraulic cylinder repair and hydraulic cylinder resealing needs.  

  1. We have 10 Florida Hydraulic Cylinder repair shops located strategically around the state for your convenience.  
  2. Free Pick-up and Delivery Service of your hydraulic components at no charge locally to Northeast and Southwest, Florida.  
  3. Large cylinders. We handle the big jobs. Our hydraulic tooling capabilities handle up to 35 ft. long cylinders. 
  4. We stand behind our cylinder rebuildsWe offer 1 year/2000 hour warranties, exceeding industry standards. We also test every cylinder after repair so when it is installed you do not have to worry.
  5. Extended Rod Life and Enhanced Performance. Laboratory tests revealed hydraulic cylinder seal failure at 350,000 cycles on traditional chrome rods, whereas rods coated with Advanced Chrome Technologies (ACT™), a high-velocity, thermal coating process available exclusively at Ring Power, continued performing after one million cycles. The high-density metal alloy coating, with only one percent porosity, is extremely resistant to corrosion and oxidation, and offers more durability to withstand the kind of scratching and abuse that occurs in harsh job environments.
  6. Fast TurnaroundHydraulic cylinder rod can be resurfaced within 24 hours - eliminating the time and cost involved in shipping to specialized re-chroming facilities and getting your equipment back in service quicker. 

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