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7 Essential Generator Safety Tips

Temporary Power allows you to get the job done. No matter the job or location, it is essential to always follow these generator operating tips.  

  1. Don’t “wing it.”  Always refer to the manufacturer instructions and abide by themNot following the manufacturer instructions could result in severe injury or even death. Our generator rental experts will visit your Florida jobsite to configure your temporary power for optimal performance and safety.
  2. Always run generator sets in an open space. Generators emit carbon monoxide. Often called “the silent killer,” carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas. Operating a generator in an enclosed or poorly ventilated area is extremely dangerous. Generator sets should be set up outdoors to eliminate the dangers of exhaust fumes. 
  3. Inspect thoroughly. Before operating a generator, be sure to thoroughly inspect the equipment. Check for frayed cables and other signs of wear or damage that could result in injury. 
  4. Don’t overload it. Make sure you have the proper generator for the job at hand. Not only can overloading damage the generator, it can result in injury.  
  5. Wear PPEAlways wear proper PPE when inspecting or operating any generatore.g., Safety glasses, gloves, hearing protectors, steel-toe boots, etc. 
  6. Let it coolGenerators can become hot after operating for extended periods of time. Let it sit and cool before performing any maintenance or refueling.  
  7. Monitor for backfeedElectric generators are unsuitable to power a residential or commercial structure in their stock form. Under no circumstances should a user plug a generator into a wall outlet or electrical panel without the guidance of a licensed electrician. 

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