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Cat Trial Video Showcases Skills of Dealer Technicians

The demand for dealer technicians is great. To celebrate Cat service technicians and to recognize the potential careers these jobs provide, Caterpillar’s latest trial video – Cat Trial 10: Tech Test – showcases the knowledge of these technicians while challenging them in a competition against their peers.  

Cat dealers in the United States have approximately 1,600 open jobs currently, including more than 75 at Ring Power Corporation. The services these technicians provide are critical for our customers to help keep their businesses operating by offering unmatched product support. Technicians work in a fast-paced environment, and they understand both the iron and technology on Cat products.  

Caterpillar’s latest trial video highlights 18 dealer technicians who test their skills through an obstacle course. The challenges are similar to problems technicians must solve when working on a customer’s product. Technicians are experts on the latest technology on hundreds of different Cat machines and engines.  

“Our technicians are key to helping Ring Power customers build a better Florida,” said Sue Miller, senior vice president of marketing and public relations for Ring Power. “These positions are challenging, high-tech and in high demand. These are careers that are well compensated, too. We’re hopeful this video provides people a closer look at some of the skills technicians have and how they apply them in their jobs.”  

 Tim Jourdak, a recent graduate of Ring Power’s apprentice program, was one of the 18 dealer technicians selected by Caterpillar to take part in Trial 10. Jourdak previously worked as a commercial diver, but an inconsistency in available work led him to look for other opportunities.  He graduated from Ring Power’s apprentice program in 2020 and now works as an Electric Power Preventative Maintenance Technician in St. Augustine.   

Caterpillar’s dealers currently employ more than 65,000 service technicians globally. Caterpillar estimates its dealers will need tens of thousands of additional service technicians over the next decade. To learn more about open positions, interested applicants can learn more here 

To watch Cat Trial 10: Tech Test video, visit 

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