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Make the Most of Your Cat Equipment with a Customer Value Agreement

What is a Cat Customer Value Agreement?  

It’s a hassle-free ownership plan designed to help you get the most of your Cat® equipment.  

What Comes in a Customer Value Agreement?  

A CVA can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. From simple preventative maintenance to Total Maintenance and Repair. 

Hassle-Free Ownership. CVAs bring together dealer advice, easy parts acquisition, plus options for flexible payment terms. 

Hassle-free MaintenanceGetting the right Genuine Cat Parts delivered to the right place at the right time makes it easier for maintenance to get done. Service options are flexible to meet your needs. 

Security of Expert Dealer Support. Cat CVAs are customized plans that offer troubleshooting, diagnostics and repairs with Genuine Cat Parts. If you need trained technician assistance, there are options for that too! 

Peace of Mind from Equipment Health Management. You get easy access to monitoring tools with a Cat CVA. Digital tools give you the ability to access important operating parameters for your business anywhere you have an internet connection. 

Who can Benefit from a Customer Value Agreement?  

Everyone. No matter your equipment, there’s a CVA for it.  

CVA’s for a New Cat Machine. When buying a new machine, you have three CVA options that fit different operations. Whether you handle maintenance, or prefer to take advantage of dealer service, these CVAs get the most from your new Cat machine and can reduce your owning and operating costs while providing a hassle-free ownership experience. 

CVA’s for a Cat Machine You Currently Own. Whether you have an expiring service agreement or are interested in a CVA for a machine you already own, the lifecycle Extend CVA offers options for you. With an Extend CVA for your currently owned machine, convenience is right within reach.   

CVA’s for Used Equipment. Trust and confidence are critical when buying used equipment, and a CVA keeps confidence with you throughout a used machine’s life. From Cat Used to Cat Certified Used equipment, check out the details and advantages of adding a CVA to your next used machine 


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