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Potato Farm In Hastings, Florida Loves Challenger Tractors

Bulls Hit Ranch & Farm Explains Why They Prefer Challenger Agricultural Equipment Challenger Tractor Harvesting Potatoes

Just past the aptly named, Spuds, Florida on Highway 207 in Hastings, Florida, you’ll find the Bulls Hit Ranch and Farm. This cleverly named tuber farm has been harvesting spuds for forty years. Thomas R. Lee, Sr. began by farming for someone else by day, and leasing a separate plot of land and growing potatoes for himself at night. The farm has since grown to encompass 500 acres in the Hastings area. Bulls Hit grows red and table-stock potatoes.

If you have bought potatoes from a Publix or Walmart in Florida, chances are, you have eaten one of the Lee’s potatoes! The Bulls Hit Ranch is a full family affair, three generations of Thomas Raymond Lee’s work on the farm. And all three generations agree that their Challenger agriculture tractors are the best in their fleet. Thomas “Tater” Lee, Jr. said, “I really like the machine, but I really love the service. If anything happens, Ring Power comes right away. I’ve never not had them come out, they have always been there for us”. Service like that is important when you only have eight weeks for your entire harvest.

Downtime is not an option for potato farmers; machines have to be up and running 24 hours a day. Tater Lee recalled, “One time I had the hood on one of my Challenger machines up, checking the oil, and I’ll be darned if my Ring Power field technician didn’t see it from the highway and pull into the farm just to see what was wrong!” Ring Power is proud of our Customers First reputation and works hard to keep those potato farmers happy!

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