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Farm Tractors Use SCR to Meet Tier IV Regulations: How does it work?

This blog post is a continuation of how Challenger farm tractors are meeting the Environmental Protection Agency's new Tier IV interim regulation for offroad machinery, which begins January 1, 2011. Growers are in need of a balanced solution, investment versus operating costs. Challenger's brand of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), called e3, proposes to help meet these challenges with higher fuel savings and fewer particulate matter, all without a loss of power, and in some instances more power.

So what exactly is SCR? And how does it work?how does scr work?

Selective Catalytic Reduction, or SCR, was first introduced in the 1970’s to power plants burning fossil fuels to reduce their nitrogen oxides (NOx) outputs. This technology continued to grow through the 1980’s and is now commonplace. SCR is a multi-stage chemical reaction that efficiently reduces the amount of Nox. The system is simple, consisting of a tank to hold the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), a metering mechanism, an injector, and the SCR catalyst. The metering device communicates with the engine ECU to determine how much DEF to inject. The DEF is inject into the hot diesel exhaust stream after it leaves the turbo charger. The fluid evaporates, freeing ammonia (NH3), and the ammonia reacts with the Nox to form a new molecule. That compound then passes through the SCR catalyst to be broken down into water, H2O and nitrogen (N2).

► Selective Catalytic Reduction
    – Chemical process used in industry and on-road markets

    – Drastic reduction of NOx

► SCR uses:
    – Combination of hardware, software & diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) - Urea

► After-treatment
    – Benefits customers

Follow our next posting: reviewing the properties of Deisel Exhaust Fluid. Please do not hesitate to contact our agrticultural division with any questions regarding Challeneger's e3.

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