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Top 6 Reasons to Rent Heavy Construction Equipment

Articulated Trucks, Excavators, Dozers, Motor graders, Compactors, Scrapers, Wheel Loaders and other heavy equipment are vital to your business. Having the right equipment is essential to getting the job done.  But there are times a job requires a machine that isn’t in your fleet. Or a machine goes down. There are a lot of reasons why renting heavy equipment can make sense for your business.  

  1. Gain more job opportunities! Instead of turning down a job because you don’t have the right equipment, rent the machine you need for the duration of your job.
  2. Maximize your profits! Having the right sized equipment for the job saves you time and money. Equipment that’s too small for the job causes operators to double their efforts and can overload your machine. And, using a piece of equipment that is too large for the job can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, will burn more fuel than necessary and increases operating time.
  3. Save on transportation costs! Instead of transporting heavy equipment between job sites, rent from your local Ring Power branch.  And, if you need a machine on two job sites, it may be cheaper to rent a second machine near the job site instead of moving machines back and forth. 
  4. Have a “Plan B(reakdown)”! Don’t let a breakdown delay or cancel your job. Instead, program Ring Power Rental Store into your phone. Call us and we can deliver a rental machine to get you back to work, and can also dispatch a technician to look at your down machine in one call! 
  5. Lower your taxes! Rental equipment is an expense deduction that you can claim against your business taxes, allowing you to keep more money in your pocket. 
  6. Manage your budget easier! Equipment rentals are considered hard costs — expenses you can get quoted from a supplier and that won’t fluctuate – making it easier to estimate budget, resulting in more profit. 

By partnering with Ring Power Heavy Equipment Rental, you’ll always have access to the equipment you need, when and where you need it. Contact us today!  

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