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Phoenix Products Generator Enclosure Design Blows Away the Competition!

Generator enclosure design receives State of Florida approval for High Velocity Hurricane Zone aluminum enclosures. High Wind Velocity Generator Enclosure

In August, Phoenix Products received State of Florida approval on their new High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) aluminum enclosures, putting them at the forefront of the industry for providing the highest level of generator enclosure protection.

Florida law requires either state or local approval on all building envelope components and systems to certify resistance to structural wind loads as required in the current edition of the Florida Building Code. In terms of structural design, any area that requires a minimum wind design velocity of 100 mph is defined as a hurricane prone region. The Florida Building Code generally enforces this minimum acceptable standard to protect life and property, but—depending on intended use, owner preference or insurance stipulations—many projects require above-minimum performance.

Phoenix Products now offers a hurricane protection solution. Their new HVHZ aluminum genset enclosures are designed to withstand minimum structural wind loads of 150 mph, high internal/external pressure differentials and the impact of wind-borne debris. In addition, the aluminum construction resists corrosion caused by sea air and high humidity.

The HVHZ enclosure is another example of the technology, quality, and performance that exemplify the Phoenix tradition of excellence. Hats off to the men who made it work! Heath Kinnunen, Phoenix Products manufacturing engineer, team lead and head project engineer, oversaw the research and development phase of the HVHZ design project, and later, the independent witness testing. Ilmedin Husnic, Enclosure department fabricator and Chris Morter, Tank department welder, were responsible for preparing and building the specimens for independent laboratory tests. Manufacturing engineers Clifton Mills and Richard Hartney supervised the third party quality assurance compliances.

For more information about the new HVHZ enclosure, contact a Phoenix Products sales representative or stop by their facility next time you’re in Jacksonville.

Phoenix Products specializes in the manufacture of generator set enclosures, fuel storage tanks, aboveground fuel storage tanks, electrical control panels and insulation blankets for exhaust systems, as well as metal stairs and platforms. Their headquarters reside in Jacksonville, Florida with offices in Oakdale, California.


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