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Vital Signs of Your Forklift’s Engine System

Maintaining a watchful eye on your forklift’s engine performance is good business practice. It will also ensure your forklift is operating at peak performance, which in turn lowers your operating expenses and saves money. Below are seven areas to watch on your forklift engine service areasforklift’s engine system.

Air Filtration Dirty or damaged air cleaner components, including the air cleaner hose, housing and seals, may allow unfiltered, contaminated air to enter the forklift’s engine and cause serious damage to rings, bearings and other components.

Lubrication Oil breaks down chemically and accumulates contaminants over time regardless of the forklift’s engine hours. Heat cycles also break down additives in engine oil and deteriorate lubricating capabilities that can result in accelerated wear and shorter forklift engine life.

Fuel System A forklift engine not tuned to optimal performance can result in low power, inefficient forklift operation and excessive fuel cost. Failure to comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements where applicable can result in considerable fines.

Starting and Charging Stations Low forklift batteries, a loose alternator belt, damaged ignition components or worn or corroded electric forklift battery terminals could lead to poor performance, excess fuel usage, pollutants or a "no start" condition.

Cooling System Coolant also deteriorates over time, reducing the effectiveness of additives and changing the pH factor. Both can damage the forklift’s water pump, radiator and aluminum components. A damaged fan blade may cause vibration, which can damage the bearings and radiator.

Seals & Gaskets A leaking valve cover and/or damaged pan gaskets or seals could contaminate the operating environment and result in costly forklift engine failure.

Freeze Plugs Coolant leakage via freeze plugs could result in loss of fluid and overheating damage to the engine and transmission.

Ring Power Lift Trucks make significant investments in professionally trained forklift service technicians, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, completely stocked service vans and excellent parts inventory to help keep your forklifts on the job and being productive. In the long run, Ring Power Lift Trucks minimizes your risk and keeps your forklifts running at the lowest operating cost. Call 1-877-544-5438, click or e-mail to have your forklift’s engine system checked, serviced, or repaired.

Ring Power Lift Trucks is the forklift division of Ring Power Corporation, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Additional offices service Pompano Beach, Miami, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Ocala, Sarasota and Tallahassee. Ring Power Lift Truck represents: Caterpillar® Lift Trucks, Mitsubishi Forklifts, Linde forklifts, Kalmar Industrial Forklifts and Container Handlers, Princeton and Navigator piggybacks, rough terrain forklifts by Noble, specialized products by Bendi and productive Cascade Attachments.

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