Mike Rowe Is Ready to Hit the Dirt with Caterpillar® Customers and Dealers

August 18, 2010 at 3:31 PMRing Power

The Dirty Jobs creator and star is teaming with the company to showcase Caterpillar Customers, Dealers and Employees.


Caterpillar Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines, has announced that it is partnering with Mike Rowe, the creator and star of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs and founder of mikeroweWORKS.com. With Mike’s dedication to the trades and Caterpillar’s commitment to its customers, the two have joined forces to highlight the important and essential work Caterpillar customers perform everyday.

Rowe will be spending time with Caterpillar customers and dealers to get a real world perspective on their jobs and how the two partner to be successful. These encounters will be featured on cat.com and at Cat Dealerships across the country and will be used to demonstrate the solutions that Cat Dealers provide their customers throughout the lifecycle of their equipment, highlighting their superior parts and service support.

“When hard work is being performed and progress is being made, Mike wants to be in the thick of it, so teaming with him is an absolute perfect fit,” said Denny Vosberg, Caterpillar Parts and Service Support Manager. “Our dealer personnel are the best in the world and have been supporting our customers with their critical work for generations. Now is the time to shine a light on it and Mike is going to help us with that.”

Rowe, who calls himself a perpetual apprentice, has performed more than 300 jobs in locations around the country via his show, Dirty Jobs, which is currently one of the Discovery Channel’s most popular programs. Mike is also the creator of mikeroweWORKS.com, a website dedicated to and for people in the trades to meet, discuss relevant topics and learn what is the latest in the industry. He says his partnership with Caterpillar was “inevitable” because the two share the same work philosophy.

“I see Cat equipment and the hard working people operating it around the world, building and creating infrastructure,” said Rowe. “I’m excited to go beyond the machine and talk with the people who are actually making it happen.”

Click to learn all about Mike Rowe, Caterpillar and Ring Power Corporation.

From paving contractors throughout the state to the forests of Northwest Florida to the mines in central Florida, Ring Power is there supporting Florida's contractors and tradesmen with quality Cat parts and dependable service for their heavy equipment, both large and small. Ring Power is North and Central Florida's Caterpillar dealer and headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida. We provide contractors in Brooksville, Daytona, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Bay, Perry, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa and Tarpon Springs with parts and service for all types of heavy equipment and construction equipment.

About mikeroweWORKS
mikeroweWORKS is a PR campaign for hard work and skilled labor. Its purpose is to call attention to the growing skills gap in the trades while providing a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to investigate a career in those vocations, as well as focus the country on the very real issues facing our trade workers and farmers. In addition to the trade resource center, Mike has established the mikeroweWORKS Foundation to help fund scholarship programs and other initiatives that reinvigorate Trade School enrollments and industrial arts programs around the country.

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Ring Power’s Caterpillar Construction Equipment Builds New Jacksonville Jaguars Practice Field

August 16, 2010 at 10:10 AMRing Power

The Cat Rental Store® Provides Earth Moving Equipment for Jaguars’ Practice Field Replacement  Ring Power Cat Bulldozer levels Jaguars' new playing field

When the Jacksonville Jaguars® decided to change their third practice field from astro-turf to real grass, they knew they had a complicated project on their hands. The full-size astro-turf practice field was seldom utilized, while the two other grass fields were taking a beating, even with diligent, daily maintenance. So the decision was made to put in another grass field and lessen the daily wear and tear on the other two fields. That’s when the Jaguars called Laser Turf Leveling, a Ring Power Cat Rental Store customer, for help.

Laser Turf Leveling specializes in professional sports turf from golf greens to football fields. Ring Power’s Cat Rental Store provided equipment every step of the way for this exacting project in downtown Jacksonville. Laser Turf Leveling’s Ron Butler explained, "CAT is always our first choice for rental equipment. They are quality machines and more reliable than anything else. I love the service that comes with renting from Ring Power: they come right out any time I need them and if they can’t fix it quickly enough in the field, they swap it out immediately." It is always Ring Power’s goal to keep our customers up and running.

There is an incredible amount of work put into landscaping a football field. Believe it or not, much of this work occurs under ground level. Percolation and drainage are major concerns, meaning that everything below the grass you see is carefully designed as well. For the Jaguars’ new practice field, Laser Turf Leveling used rock, gravel and sand to create the playing field strata. In all, the project required 2,500 tons of sand and a four inches thick layer of rock equaling 1,000 tons. Their state-of-the-art laser technology allows them to guarantee consistent grading results that adhere to NFL specifications. The new grass that grows on top is a Bermuda variation and is grown in Foley, Alabama. Just one practice field required 70,000 square feet of sod rolls! The final result is a uniform football field leveled within an astounding eighth of an inch.

Jacksonville Jaguars’ Supervisor, Jesse Knapp, was also pleased, "I was amazed by how fast Ring Power’s service response was and how they kept me in the loop with every step. I appreciate that, you know I’ve got a lot of different groups needing equipment and updates, it’s nice to know exactly what’s going on. I really enjoy doing business with Ring Power, they’re a real class act." 

Ring Power enjoys doing business with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Laser Turf Leveling, too! The Jacksonville Jaguars have been hard at work practicing for the 2010-2011 football season on their new field. Ring Power and The Cat Rental Store are proud to help construct the foundation for our very own NFL team’s practice field. As they say, "Practice makes perfect!" Here’s to a winning season - Go Jags!

Ring Power’s The CAT Rental Store offers daily, weekly and monthly rentals of construction, agricultural, earth moving, utility, forestry, material handling and aerial equipment. The CAT Rental Store is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida with branch locations in Brooksville, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Bay, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa, Tarpon Springs.

Ring Power Corporation, North and Central Florida's Caterpillar dealer, is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida, with branch locations in Brooksville, Daytona, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Bay, Perry, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa and Tarpon Springs. Ring Power is comprised of eight divisions and has more than 45 years of experience servicing and supporting Caterpillar and allied equipment.

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CAT Rental Store Construction Equipment Work Tool Attachment Advantages

August 13, 2010 at 9:19 AMRing Power

Ring Power CAT Rental StoreWork tools  for your compact construction equipment can help you stay on budget.

Renting work tool attachments is a good way to stretch your budget—and the versatility of your construction equipment. Not only do they get the job done; they don’t have to be stored!

Here are a few work tools that you might consider renting from Ring Power’s Cat Rental Store:

Backhoe work tools expand skid steer loader capabilities with a side-shifting backhoe arm that eliminates the need to transport an additional machine to the jobsite and freeing the machine for work on other projects.

Hydraulic hammers turn skid steers, backhoe loaders and small hydraulic excavators into pulverizers to break up concrete, asphalt and large rocks for easier removal from the job site, or to allow access to buried utilities. CAT Skidsteer with Hammer Attachment

Pickup, utility and angle brooms help skid steer, backhoe and wheel loaders remove dirt, rocks and gravel from sidewalks, roads and parking lots.

Multi-purpose buckets are hinged to help a variety of construction machines scrape, scoop, grapple and dig.

Grapple buckets are made to handle large, irregularly shaped items such as tree stumps or storm debris.

General-purpose buckets are good for digging, grading, loading and material handling tasks.

Side-dump buckets help meter out materials evenly and load trucks in confined spaces.

Ditch-cleaning buckets keep excavators dry with drainage holes that retain the solid material and allow water to run off.

Light material buckets handle loosely packed materials like wood chips or mulch.

Compactor plates help hydraulic excavators compress dirt or pack down gravel prior to pouring sidewalks placing foundations.

Thumb attachments expand a backhoe loader’s ability to move and carry irrigation pipe, fallen tree limbs, or other large objects.

Cold planers help skid steer loaders mill road surfaces to a desired level prior to resurfacing and can also remove traffic lane stripes.

Wheel Saws allow skid steer loaders to cut through concrete.

Augers in a wide range of bit sizes help speed up tree planting and fence post installation.

Landscape tillers help skid steer loaders break up hard-packed soil for seeding or sod placement.

Landscape rakes help skid steer loaders remove rocks from tilled soil.

Mulchers and brushcutters help cut and shred vegetation from overgrown areas and undergrowth from forested terrain.

Trenchers cut a neat, narrow trench with minimal disturbance to the surrounding soil.

Ring Power can help you get more out of your machines and stay within your budget. Call your Cat Rental Storerepresentative to discuss how work tool rental might best suit your needs.

Ring Power’s The CAT Rental Store offers daily, weekly and monthly rentals of construction, agricultural, earth moving, utility, forestry, material handling and aerial equipment. The CAT Rental Store is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida with branch locations in Brooksville, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Bay, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa, Tarpon Springs.

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Crane Division Adds Annual Inspections to Product Support Menu

August 11, 2010 at 2:17 PMRing Power
Ring Power Crane Offers On Site OSHA Inspections

OSHAIn May, Ring Power Crane began offering on-site inspections, complete with detailed inspection reports, to crane owners throughout north and central Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. These inspections, required annually by OSHA, are geared to ensure structural and mechanical compliance with all applicable safety standards as set forth by OSHA 1926.550, 1910.180, PCSA#2 and ANSI B30.5. 

Ring Power Crane Customer Support Managers Joe Mangum (Atlanta, Ga.) and Bo Morris (St. Augustine, Fla.) have been certified by the Crane Institute of America to perform inspections on mobile hydraulic cranes, lattice cranes, small utility service body cranes, boom trucks, carry deck cranes, barge mounted cranes, articulating boom trucks, all terrain cranes, crawler cranes, and locomotive-type cranes. Ring Power Crane Employee Performs Mandatory Annual OSHA Inspection

To qualify as mobile crane inspectors, Mangum and Morris had to complete and pass the required training courses, and now must remain current with OSHA and ANSI/AMSE regulations through continuing education and training.

Crane Service Operations Manager Mike Jarriel is proud to offer the convenience of on-site inspection services to crane owners throughout Ring Power Crane territories.For more information or to schedule an on-site inspection, crane owners in Georgia, North and South Carolina may contact Joe Mangum at 678-409-2153 or joe.mangum@ringpower.com. Those in north and central Florida may contact Bo Morris at 904-814-1110 or bo.morris@ringpower.com.

Ring Power Crane is the crane division of Ring Power Corporation with location in North Carolina, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout Florida.


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Imperial Dust Control Water Tanks Now for Sale and Rent

June 30, 2010 at 10:45 AMRing Power

The CAT Rental Store and Ag Division Now Carrying Imperial Water Tanks

The Cat Rental Store is excited to announce that a new line of water trucks and water tanks will now be a part of their fleet and available for rent, lease or purchase. Imperial Industries Incorporated’s Water Tanks meet your demand for 'dust control' excellence. When it comes to keeping dust where it belongs, nothing short of a rainstorm can compare to Imperial Dust Control Tanks. The Cat Rental Store supplies Top-Fill water tankers with a 4,000-gallon capacity that can be pulled behind or truck-mounted. Whether you need dust control for your smaller construction sites, Imperial Pull Behind Water Tankor large scale erosion control for your agricultural fields, Imperial promises versatility, convenience and strength built into every tank. The proud tradition continues!

Imperial Dust Control Tanks Top-Fill Specifications

Standard Features:

  • Heavy duty rectangular A-frame on Pull-Behinds to withstand heavy field use
  • Steel elbow and pipe
  • Heavy duty front mounted hi-volume pump
  • Adjustable spread pattern
  • Reversible splash plate
  • Control valves
  • Liquid level indicator easily seen from tractor seat
  • 35" Top load port with safety grid
  • 3" Intake
  • 3" Discharge with ¾" hose connection light kit
  • Central grease banks
  • Tandem walking beams
  • Adjustable undercarriage 55/45 offset spindles
  • Swivel hitch
  • Float level indicator
  • Fully adjustable spray nozzles
  • Side ladder

For more information about Imperial Industries Incorporated, please visit http://imperialind.com/. Imperial Industries Incorporated is based out of Wausau, Wisconsin and has been manufacturing custom tanks for 29 years.

Ring Power’s The CAT Rental Store offers daily, weekly and monthly rentals of construction, agricultural, earth moving, utility, forestry, material handling and aerial equipment. The CAT Rental Store is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida with branch locations in Brooksville, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Bay, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa, Tarpon Springs.

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New Rough Terrain Forklift Line for Rent in Florida

June 23, 2010 at 2:40 PMRing Power

Ring Power Adds Master Craft All-Terrain Forklift to Cat Rental Store Product Line-Up Master Craft All Terrain Forklifts

Ring Power announces the addition of the Master Craft MC-08-2137 Rough Terrain Forklift to it's fleet of construction equipment. The MC-08-2137 is a straight mast, all-terrain forklift comprised of more than 70 percent Caterpillar® parts. The carriage of this 8,000-lb., C-series machine is literally a straight mast forklift mounted on a backhoe loader. The MC-08-2137 forklift runs on the powertrain and axles of a Cat 416E backhoe loader. The Cat Rental Store will carry these rugged forklifts in four-wheel drive only, to complement the rest of the compact construction equipment offered for sale and rent. Click to request a quote on the sale, lease or rental of a rough terrain forklift. 

Master Craft is a family-owned, rough-terrain forklift manufacturer headquartered in Tifton, Ga., whose sales account for 11 percent of the rough-terrain forklift market. Master Craft has been a business partner with Caterpillar for more than 10 years. Visit mastercraftforklift.com for more information about this Cat family machine. Line of  Master Craft Rough Terrain Forklifts

Ring Power’s The CAT Rental Store offers daily, weekly and monthly rentals of construction, agricultural, earth moving, utility, forestry, material handling and aerial equipment. The CAT Rental Store is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida with branch locations in Brooksville, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Bay, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa, Tarpon Springs.




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Leaking Hydraulic Cylinders Can Contaminate Hydraulic System

June 15, 2010 at 4:51 PMRing Power
hydraulic system contamination

Know the effects of contamination on your heavy equipment, forklift or machinery's hydraulic system.

Hydraulic fluid contamination has the potential to damage your entire hydraulic system in two different ways.

1. Accelerating Hydraulic Component Wear
hydraulic system contamination tolerances
From 75 to 85 percent of all hydraulic pump, motor, cylinder and valve failures can be traced to fluid contamination. Due to the extremely small tolerances of today’s hydraulic systems, even particles that can not be seen by the naked eye can cause damage to your hydraulic system, leading to costly repairs.

2. Reducing Hydraulic System Efficiency

Machine productivity and efficient hydraulics go hand-in-hand. If a hydraulic system isn't performing at peak efficiency, it's robbing machine performance. Efficiency losses occur gradually, and can decrease productivity by as much as 16-20 percent before being detected by the operator. Over time, these "invisible" efficiency losses can also lead to increased fuel consumption.

Prevent Hydraulic System Damage
Hydraulics Xpress' exchange cylinders are in stock and ready for installation. Our highly qualified service technicians repair and rebuild hydraulic components on all equipment makes and models. Our state-of-the-art hydraulic shops are equipped with precision mills, long bed lathes and the latest welding equipment.

Cylinder Exchange Price Includes
Our hydraulic cylinder exchange price includes:
Disassembly and reassembly
New hydraulic seals for head, piston and rod
New seals for barrel and rod eye
Light honing of the barrel
Pressure testing
Cleaning and painting

Here is a list of Hydraulic Cylinder Groups rebuilt by Hydraulics Xpress. Hydraulic Cylinder Exchange.pdf

Our hydraulic cylinders come with a warranty of 1 year or 2,000 hours, whichever occurs first.

Additional Service Available
Available for an additional charge are:
Salvage repair of cylinder head and piston
Salvage and re-tube cylinder barrels

Re-rod, HVOF cylinder rod resurfacing, and straightening of rods
Update hydraulic heads for wear rings, O-rings, and improved seals

Get a quote from Hydraulics Xpress for your hydraulic cylinder repair, as well as hydraulic pumps and motors of all makes and models, including Rexroth, Sunstrand, Denison Vickers, Linde and others. 

Hydraulics Xpress: we repair all hydraulics regardless of make or model of equipment or industrial machinery. We're located throughout North and Central Florida, with repair facilities in Tampa, Orlando, and St. Augustine. Phone toll free with any questions at 1-877-733-5120.


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Cat Racing Hats, T-Shirts, Cat Scale Models and More!

June 8, 2010 at 12:22 PMRing Power

There's an easy way to shop for Cat Equipment clothing, t-shirts, hats and Caterpillar gear --- Ring Power's new online storefront.cat racing team at
pocono speedway

It's a site loaded with much more than Cat hats and t-shirts -- it's a website with something for any Caterpillar owner, operator or enthusiast.
From Cat pens and executive gifts for the professional to Cat golf towels, gloves and even a Cat Tournament Putter. Kids will love the Caterpillar toy trucks, excavators, and wheel loaders, not to mention books about Cat machinery, Cat hats for kids and a poster
featuring four rugged Cat Construction Machines!

Feel free dig through Ring Power's online Caterpillar Merchandise storefront -- you're bound to find something!
And if you can't seem to locate the Cat merchandise you had in mind, feel free to email us.

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Burton, Cat Racing Team Return to Top-10 Form at Pocono

Race/Date: Gillette Fusion ProGlide 500/June 6, 2010
Location: Pocono Raceway – Long Pond, Penn.  
Start Position:    13th  
Finish Position:  Seventh        

Points Position:   Eighth (Maintained position)

Jeff Burton and the Cat Racing team ran inside the top 10 for most of Sunday’s Gillette Fusion ProGlide 500 and overcame a rash of late-race cautions, pit gambles and a broken left-front shock to finish seventh at Pocono Raceway.

Burton’s Pocono resume proves that the triangle-shaped arena is not one of his better tracks but, based on the weekend’s qualifying and practice sessions, the Todd Berrier-led team had a reason to have peps in their steps when the garage opened on Sunday morning.

Mother Nature halted NASCAR from dropping the green flag just past 1 p.m. local time when hard rain pushed back the start time to just after 3 p.m. Since the downpour washed away the rubber buildup on the 2.5-mile speedway, NASCAR issued a competition caution at lap 15 for teams to assess their tire wear.

After returning to action 12th, two separate long green-flag runs ensued, with debris bringing two cautions out at laps 97 and 154. During that time, the South Boston, Va., native ran inside the top 10, running as high as third, despite needing slightly more rear grip to exit the corners.

A string of late-race cautions soon broke out, beginning at lap 159, when Berrier and Company opted to stay on the race track because of Burton’s sixth-place track position, but just over two handfuls of cars came down pit road to fill their fuel tanks full of gas so they could go the remaining distance. The next slowdown came eight laps later and it was during this caution period that Berrier summoned the veteran driver to pit road for fuel only.

This decision placed Burton 18th for the lap-171 restart where he fought with all his might to pick up spots but, while jockeying for positions, slight contact with another competitor gave the Caterpillar Chevy a minor right-front tire rub which moved him to 21st when another yellow flag was displayed at lap 175.

The Cat Racing team had no choice but to bring the No. 31 Chevy to pit road so the seven-member over-the-wall squad could pull the fender away from the tire. It was also deemed by Berrier that they would replace all four tires on the RCR machine since all those in front of Burton would have old tires, resulting in a 26th-place restart position for the team.

The 21-time Sprint Cup Series race winner was up for the task and had 22 laps to gain back everything he lost and more. And, that, he did.
He quickly moved into 15th at lap 181, 11th at lap 184 and seventh at lap 192.

However, with four laps remaining, Burton came on the radio and announced that something was wrong with the left front of the black and yellow entry and his lap times were slightly increasing. He dropped one position, to eighth, on lap 197 and held that spot before an untimely caution slowed the field just before the leader was about to take the white flag.

Radio chatter between the duo of Burton and Berrier commenced and the end result was for the 42-year-old driver to maintain his position on the track and hope for the best.

The decision proved to pay dividends as Burton took the green flag seventh and was able to uphold the position during the green/white/checkered finish despite competing with a broken left-front shock, which was discovered at the conclusion of the race.


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Tampa Forklift Dealer Relocating to Riverview

June 7, 2010 at 11:55 AMRing Power

Ring Power Lift Trucks in Tampa Is Relocating to Riverview, FloridaRPLT Moving
to Riverview, Florida

We’re Relocating!

Ring Power Lift Trucks is moving to the Riverview campus August 1st, 2010 just 10 miles south of their current facility. The new state-of-the-art Lift Trucks facility is much more spacious and better equipped to service you! 

Our new address & phone number are:

10421 Fern Hill Drive
Riverview, Florida 33578
(813) 620-1337

All of the same great parts you’re used to and even MORE great services!

  • Full Service Hydraulic Shop
  • Advanced Chrome Technologies (The Revolutionary Alternative to Chrome Plating)
  • On-site Machine Shop Fabrication
  • Major Component Rebuild Center – Includes Hydraulics Pump & Motor Repair
  • Full Service Paint Finishing
  • Parts & Service for All Makes & Models

New Directions:

Take I-75 South to Exit 250 and left on Gibsonton Drive, then make a right on Fern Hill Drive (across from Raceway Gas Station).


Go south on U.S. Highway 301 and turn right on Gibsonton Drive and make a left on Fern Hill Drive.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with all your forklift needs! lifttrucks.ringpower.com

Ring Power Lift Trucks is the forklift division of Ring Power Corporation, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Additional offices service Pompano Beach, Miami, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Ocala and Tallahassee. Ring Power Lift Truck represents: Caterpillar® Lift Trucks, Mitsubishi Forklifts, Linde forklifts, Kalmar Industrial Forklifts and Container Handlers, Princeton and Navigator piggybacks, rough terrain forklifts by Noble, specialized products by Bendi and productive Cascade Attachments.

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Hydrema Appoints Ring Power as Exclusive Dealer of 912HM Dump Trucks for Florida

June 4, 2010 at 2:21 PMRing Power

Ring Power Replaces JCB®714 with Hydrema 912HM Dump Truck Hydrema 912HM in front of Ring Power in Riverview, Florida

The Cat Rental Store® has chosen to replace their JCB714 rental fleet machines with a new allied partner’s dump truck. Ring Power’s new partner is Hydrema. Founded in 1959, A/S Hydrema is a modern, international group of companies which develops, manufactures and markets high-technology earth-moving equipment. The main factory and corporate headquarters are located in Støvring near Aalborg in the north of Denmark.

The partnership of Hydrema and Ring Power names The Cat Rental Store as the authorized dealer of the Hydrema 912HM-model dump truck for the entire state of Florida. The 912HM is a completely new model that provides extraordinary accessibility off road, side dumping capabilities and the lowest ground pressure available on the market. All three factors make this new model ideal for work on rough terrain and delicate surfaces alike. For now, The Cat Rental Store plans to carry this particular Hydrema model only. The 912HM will be available for rental or purchase.

The key to the performance of the 912HM lies in the articulated pivot steer chassis. The center pivot and hydraulic stabilizers keep the machine stable and safe by automatically transferring the weight where it is needed. The chassis ensures that all wheels constantly track to reduce ground contact and the standard twin tires offer outstanding traction with minimum ground damage. The centrally placed pivot increases maneuverability with a low turning radius and better positioning characteristics.

The 912HM comes standard with a completely new suspension system for extraordinary comfort. It has the same Perkins engine and ZF transmission as the Hydrema 912DS model, with 131 hp and a 6-speed transmission. Ring Power's Director of Rental Services, Kevin Robbins, wholeheartedly believes this new machine will be a wonderful addition for our customers, "We feel the overall quality and the versatility of the side dump feature makes this the best articulated truck in its size class. The Hydrema personnel have done a great job in training our personnel as well as providing support for these trucks in our rental fleet."

Ring Power’s The CAT Rental Store offers daily, weekly and monthly rentals of construction, agricultural, earth moving, utility, forestry, material handling and aerial equipment. The CAT Rental Store is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida with branch locations in Brooksville, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Bay, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa, Tarpon Springs.

For more information about this new piece of equipment, you can also visit the Hydrema website.


Hydrema Trucks

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