Match the Right Forklift Battery to the Application

September 10, 2010 at 3:10 PMRing Power
forklift battery selection and applications

Electric forklifts are becoming more prevalent in the material handling industry. Electric forklifts are quiet, energy efficient, and require less overall maintenance costs. Today’s electric forklifts are not just used in warehouse applications either, as evident with Cat Lift Trucks’ new 10,000-lbs. 80-volt electric pneumatic truck. Or Linde’s energy efficient RX60 high-performance electric lift truck, also featuring an 80-volt electrical system, AC motors and 1,000-hour service intervals.

All electric forklifts rely on battery power and each application has an industrial battery to match. Exide Technologies has a battery power no matter where your lift truck operates.

GNB Flooded Classic Battery

Titan Flooded Forklift Battery

Exide Fusion Fast Charge Battery

The economical Flooded flat-panel forklift battery is the ideal solution for use in all classes of forklift trucks.
3 years full, plus 2 year prorated warranty.

Titan Flooded batteries are designed to deliver consistent, reliable power and engineered to increase your efficiency and productivity. For standard and high demand applications.
5 years full, plus 1 year prorated warranty.

The Exide Fusion line of fast charge batteries is specifically designed to meet the high-energy demands of fast charging using rugged flooded flat-plate technology. Ideal for cold-storage applications and 10-12 hour shifts. Meets high-energy demands of opportunity fast charging applications.
4 years full when used with a Fusion charger.

Tubular-HP High Performance Battery

Liberator Low Maintenance Battery

Element Valve-Regulated
Lead-Acid Battery

These high performance flooded tubular-plate batteries are designed to deliver more power than the equivalent dimension flooded flat-late batteries. For standard and high-demand applications.
5 years full warranty, plus 1 year prorated warranty.

The Liberator low-maintenance forklift battery is designed to deliver consistent, reliable power using round tubular positive plate technology. These batteries are able to achieve a 45-day or 90-day watering interval, depending on the type of SCR charger used. For medium to heavy-duty applications.
5 years full warranty, plus 1 year prorated warranty.

The Element battery virtually eliminates the mess and hazards associated with typical forklift battery maintenance. The Element makes it cleaner, safer and easier to use. A battery designed for use in all classes of electric forklift trucks. For light and standard demand applications.
1 year full, plus 2 years prorated.

forklift battery
Contact Ring Power Lift Trucks to discuss all your forklift battery options or get a battery quote online. Curious to see if you can save money by converting your current internal combustion forklift to electric forklifts? Contact us. You may be surprised at the savings.

Ring Power Lift Trucks is the material handling division of Ring Power Corporation, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Additional offices service Pompano Beach, Miami, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Ocala and Tallahassee. Ring Power Lift Truck represents: Cat® Lift Trucks, Mitsubishi Forklifts, Clark, Linde, Kalmar Industrial Forklifts, Princeton and Navigator piggybacks and truck-mounted forklifts, rough terrain forklifts by Noble, and specialized products by Bendi and Combilift and productive Cascade Attachments.


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Forklift Regional Sales Manager Announced for South Florida

September 9, 2010 at 4:57 PMRing Power
Forklift sales manager announced in Pompano Beach, Florida

DeSantis named Regional Sales Manager for Ring Power Lift Trucks located in Pompano Beach, Florida.pompano beach forklift 
sales mgr

Ring Power Corporation has promoted Dominic DeSantis to the position of Regional Sales Manager for the Pompano Beach forklift operation.DeSantis joined Ring Power in July 2001 following career with United Forklift. DeSantis brings over 9 years of forklift and material handling experience. He has worked as a Princeton piggyback and truck-mounted forklift specialist and most recently as a major accounts representative covering North Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

As a Ring Power Lift Trucks sales representative, DeSantis has been instrumental in growing the South Florida forklift market.

For more information, contact us at

Ring Power Lift Trucks  is the forklift division of Ring Power Corporation, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Additional offices service  Pompano Beach, Miami, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Ocala, Sarasota and Tallahassee. Ring Power Lift Truck represents: Cat® Lift Trucks, Mitsubishi Forklifts, Clark forklifts, Linde forklifts, Kalmar Industrial Forklifts, Kalmar Container Handlers, Princeton piggybacks, Navigator truck-mounted forklifts, rough terrain forklifts by Noble, specialized products by Bendi and Combilift and productive Cascade Attachments.

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What is e3 and how will it reduce your farm tractor's emissions?

August 30, 2010 at 9:01 AMRing Power

The e3 system is AGCO's brand for selective catalytic reduction or SCR. AGCO introduced e3 before the 2011 Tier 4 regulation, because there was a market demand for powerful and fuel-efficient agricultural tractors. The exhaust gas recirculation or EGR optione3 emissions reduction will remain until 2011, at which time it will no longer be in compliance, and production will end.

Energy: Since e3 equipped engines deal with the regulated pollutants after the exhaust gas has left the engine, these engines create more power. This is after-treatment.

Economy: When e3 was introduced, AGCO and Challenger Tractor advertised up to 15% savings versus competitive (tier 3, EGR) engines. In fact, testing was completed at the Nebraska Test Lab and the results (made public in December of 2009) showed that e3-equipped tractors save up to 17% over comparable tractors.

Ecology: In current Tier 3 products, e3 reduces particulate matter by up to 70% and brings the NOx emissions to near Tier 4 interim levels.

e3 is AGCO's brand of SCR or Selective Catalyitic Reduction

Energy: After-Treatment for Exhaust Emissions

Economy: Up to 17% Fuel Savings

Ecology: 70% Fewer Particulate Matter

Watch this blog as Ring Power's agricultural division continues to discuss Tier IV emissions and Challenger's e3 initiative. Next posting we will reveal details on how SCR works.

Ring Power sells and leases new and used Challenger Agricultural and Farm Tractors throughout Florida and the Southeast, with service and repair facilities located in Perry, Tallahassee, Lake City, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, St. Augustine and Tampa. Ring Power also supplies a range of farm implements and attachments like Sunflower disc harrows, field cultivars and grain drills, SprayCoupe sprayers, RoGator ag sprayers, TerraGator, Diamond Boom Mowers, and Land Pride grooming mowers. 


Electric Forklift Battery Owners Turn to Exide® Technologies

August 26, 2010 at 11:39 AMRing Power
Electric forklift batteries now available at Ring Power Lift Trucks, supplied by Exide Technologies

Forklift parts supplier, Promatch collaborates with Exide Technologies for forklift industrial batteries in Florida.industrial forklift battery by exide

The Promatch® parts program, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has partnered with Exide Technologies Industrial Energy to offer a full line of Exide industrial forklift batteries and chargers. Exide Technologies is a global leader in motive power battery and charger systems for electric forklifts and other material handling equipment. In addition to a broad battery and charger offering, Exide Technologies' network of representatives offers comprehensive support and product expertise. The forklift batteries and chargers are sold through Ring Power Lift Trucks.

Assistance and Support. Together, Ring Power Lift Trucks and your local Exide Technologies representative will help you manage a successful forklift battery program.

Broad Forklift Battery Selection. Exide Technologies offers the broadest range of forklift batteries and chargers in the industry. The following forklift batteries are available throughout Ring Power's Florida locations: GNB Flooded Classic Batteries, Titan® Flooded Batteries, Exide Fusion™ Fast Charge Batteries, Tubular-HP
® High Performance Batteries, Liberator® Low Maintenance batteries, and Element® Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries.

Matching Battery Chargers. Exide also offers a line of industrial battery chargers to match the family of forklift batteries used in a wide variety of applications, from light-duty to high frequency chargers to fast charging. Exide Technologies' line includes: Exide FER50, Exide EF Series Ferroresonant Charger, Exide FLX200 Charger, Exide SCR200 Charger, Exide Element-HF
® Charger, Exide Fusion® Charger and the Exide EHF® Series High Frequency Charger.
forklift battery chargers by exide

Environmentally Conscious. Exide Technologies is committed to keeping the environment clean. Recycling is a big part of the beneficial use and responsible handling of lead and products made from it. Exide Technologies invests in battery recycling because it's good for business and for the environment. In fiscal year 2010, Exide Technologies recycled sufficient lead tonnage to make the Company one of the largest secondary lead recyclers in the world.

Industrial Battery Experience. Exide Technologies sells more tubular batteries worldwide than any other battery manufacturer.

Forklift Battery Delivery. With Exide Technologies "Quick Ship" Program, 70% of forklift batteries are shipped within 48 hours.

Exclusive Brands. Exide Technologies is the exclusive supplier of Jungheinrich branded batteries. No battery supplier has more experience powering Jungheinrich electric forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers and walkies.

Click here to see details on the different battery types and charger types.

Interested in converting your operation from LP Gas to electric forklifts? Ring Power Lift Trucks has detailed information covering the benefits of operating electric forklifts in a wide-variety of applications–forklifts are not just for warehouses.

When it comes to electric forklift trucks, Ring Power Lift Trucks is Florida's real industry leader. No matter the forklift manufacturer, we supply electric forklift batteries and parts for Toyota, Clark, Cat® Lift Trucks, Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, Linde, Crown, Hyster, Komatsu, Nissan, Raymond and Yale. Our technicians service and repair electric motor drives, hydraulic pumps, power steering and electric control board assemblies.

Contact any one of Ring Power's five Florida branch locations serving Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Pompano Beach, Jacksonville, Ocala, Sarasota and Tallahassee or email us below to order your forklift parts or schedule a service.


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Emissions Regulation: What does this mean for growers and farmers?

August 25, 2010 at 4:04 PMRing Power

Challenger Tractors presents e3 to meet reduced emissions standards.NOx acceptable 
levels Tier4

The EPA regulates emissions produced by a variety of sources. The chart below shows the amount of particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) for the corresponding tiers and the years when those tiers become effective. This chart applies only to engines producing 175 - 750 HP. PM is easily defined as the black smoke you see coming out of an exhaust pipe. That smoke is essentially unspent fuel. It is a major contributor to smog and a variety of respiratory ailments. NOx is a large contributor to ozone depletion and when combined with water (rain) can form Nitric Acid (acid rain).

Tier 3 became effective in 2006. Most engine manufacturers used exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) in conjunction with other technologies to achieve Tier 3 compliance. EGR was used because it did not have significant effects on vehicle design and was the most cost-effective solution for both manufacturers and customers. The problem with EGR is its effect on fuel consumption. Customers quickly realized that even though the cost of products equipped with Tier 3 engines was not significantly different from the cost of previous models, the operational costs were higher due to fuel consumption and service intervals.

The year an engine or vehicle is produced determines which Tier it will be regulated by. For instance, in March of 2011, if a dealer or customer rents, leases, purchases, or takes possession of a tractor built in 2010, that tractor will still be in compliance because of when it was built. Rest assured that all products delivered by AGCO will meet all state and federal regulations at the time of delivery.
Looking forward-what is the next step?

AGCO recognized that the market needed a solution that helped customers' bottom lines and met current and approaching regulations. We launched a new series of HHP fixed-frame tractors in Atlanta, GA in February 2009. The tractors were introduced with two engine options: SCR and EGR. These tractors and engines are rated only for Tier 3 emission compliance. So why did we introduce this technology now? The answer: e3!
► Growers need a balanced solution: Investment versus operating costs.
► Regulation is inevitable
► Selective Catalytic Reduction
    – Benefits customers
Benefits environment
Meets regulations

In the coming weeks, Ring Power's agricultural division will continue to discuss EPA Tier IV Emissions and Challenger's e3 initiative.e3 scr technology
Continue reading other articles and we'll reveal how farmers can comply without compromise and without loss of tractor performance.

Ring Power' Agricultural Division sells and leases new and used Challenger Agricultural and Farm Tractors throughout Florida and the Southeast, with service and repair facilities located in Perry, Tallahassee, Lake City, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, St. Augustine and Tampa. Ring Power also supplies a range of farm implements and attachments from Sunflower disc harrows, field cultivars and grain drills, SprayCoupe sprayers, RoGator ag sprayers, TerraGator, Diamond Boom Mowers, and Land Pride grooming mowers.

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Ring Power Launches New Tier 4 Website

August 20, 2010 at 4:19 PMRing Power

Ring Power Is Your Guide to Understanding EPA Tier 4 Emissions Regulations Ctaerpillar Egine Tier 4 Compliance Technology

Ring Poweralways strives to keep our customers informed and up to date with the latest information pertaining to you. That’s why we’ve launched a brand new website explaining the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 4 emissions regulations and what it means for you, the business owners, customers and hard workers. Ring Power wants to help educate our heavy construction equipment and power systems customers on this detailed new regulation so that they can be informed to make the best business decisions possible. It is always our goal to serve you. Please read for more information on Tier 4 below and then visit our new website at

The United States and European Union (EU) are implementing significant regulations that mandate the lowest emitting non-road equipment in history. Canada and Japan are expected to release similar regulatory programs yet this year. These regulations, which are known as U.S. Tier 4 // EU Stage IIIB/IV, will result in non-road equipment approaching near-zero emissions of particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx).

Transition to these standards is challenging for non-road equipment manufacturers. For Caterpillar alone, hundreds of complex products with unique and challenging application spectrums must be re-engineered to accommodate the lower emitting engines being developed to meet these standards.

Regulators recognize the challenge and the difficulty non-road equipment manufacturers would face if they had to introduce all of their new lower emitting products on one particular date. To address these transition challenges, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has allowed for implementation of the upcoming emission standards in two phases: Tier 4 Interim and Tier 4 Final. Tier 4 Interim is effective 1 Jan 2011 for 130-560 kW non-road engines and 1 Jan 2012 for 56-130 kW non-road engines. Tier 4 Final emission standards apply after the 2014 model year. The EU’s Stage IIIB and Stage IV emissions levels and regulatory dates are essentially the same as EPA’s.

In addition, under its Transition Program for Equipment Manufacturers ("TPEM," which is commonly known as the "flex" program), EPA also allows equipment manufacturers to continue to introduce equipment powered with engines meeting prior Tier emission requirements for a certain limited percentage of their overall production volumes during the Tier 4 timeframe. The EU also has a "flex" transition program, as well as a unique "sell off" program, both of which allow equipment manufacturers to continue selling prior Tier machines in order to allow for a smooth transition to the more stringent EU emission standards. These transitional programs are calculated into the environmental benefits regulators forecast when developing these programs.

Caterpillar has a robust Tier 4 introduction plan, which is structured to transition from Tier 3 to Tier 4 products in a smooth and orderly fashion utilizing a variety of the transitional tools provided in the regulations in order to maximize value to you, our customers.

Please visit our new website to learn more about Tier 4 at . The emissions education website also has contact information for Tier 4 Specialists at .

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Mike Rowe Is Ready to Hit the Dirt with Caterpillar® Customers and Dealers

August 18, 2010 at 3:31 PMRing Power

The Dirty Jobs creator and star is teaming with the company to showcase Caterpillar Customers, Dealers and Employees.


Caterpillar Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines, has announced that it is partnering with Mike Rowe, the creator and star of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs and founder of With Mike’s dedication to the trades and Caterpillar’s commitment to its customers, the two have joined forces to highlight the important and essential work Caterpillar customers perform everyday.

Rowe will be spending time with Caterpillar customers and dealers to get a real world perspective on their jobs and how the two partner to be successful. These encounters will be featured on and at Cat Dealerships across the country and will be used to demonstrate the solutions that Cat Dealers provide their customers throughout the lifecycle of their equipment, highlighting their superior parts and service support.

“When hard work is being performed and progress is being made, Mike wants to be in the thick of it, so teaming with him is an absolute perfect fit,” said Denny Vosberg, Caterpillar Parts and Service Support Manager. “Our dealer personnel are the best in the world and have been supporting our customers with their critical work for generations. Now is the time to shine a light on it and Mike is going to help us with that.”

Rowe, who calls himself a perpetual apprentice, has performed more than 300 jobs in locations around the country via his show, Dirty Jobs, which is currently one of the Discovery Channel’s most popular programs. Mike is also the creator of, a website dedicated to and for people in the trades to meet, discuss relevant topics and learn what is the latest in the industry. He says his partnership with Caterpillar was “inevitable” because the two share the same work philosophy.

“I see Cat equipment and the hard working people operating it around the world, building and creating infrastructure,” said Rowe. “I’m excited to go beyond the machine and talk with the people who are actually making it happen.”

Click to learn all about Mike Rowe, Caterpillar and Ring Power Corporation.

From paving contractors throughout the state to the forests of Northwest Florida to the mines in central Florida, Ring Power is there supporting Florida's contractors and tradesmen with quality Cat parts and dependable service for their heavy equipment, both large and small. Ring Power is North and Central Florida's Caterpillar dealer and headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida. We provide contractors in Brooksville, Daytona, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Bay, Perry, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa and Tarpon Springs with parts and service for all types of heavy equipment and construction equipment.

About mikeroweWORKS
mikeroweWORKS is a PR campaign for hard work and skilled labor. Its purpose is to call attention to the growing skills gap in the trades while providing a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to investigate a career in those vocations, as well as focus the country on the very real issues facing our trade workers and farmers. In addition to the trade resource center, Mike has established the mikeroweWORKS Foundation to help fund scholarship programs and other initiatives that reinvigorate Trade School enrollments and industrial arts programs around the country.

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Ring Power’s Caterpillar Construction Equipment Builds New Jacksonville Jaguars Practice Field

August 16, 2010 at 10:10 AMRing Power

The Cat Rental Store® Provides Earth Moving Equipment for Jaguars’ Practice Field Replacement  Ring Power Cat Bulldozer levels Jaguars' new playing field

When the Jacksonville Jaguars® decided to change their third practice field from astro-turf to real grass, they knew they had a complicated project on their hands. The full-size astro-turf practice field was seldom utilized, while the two other grass fields were taking a beating, even with diligent, daily maintenance. So the decision was made to put in another grass field and lessen the daily wear and tear on the other two fields. That’s when the Jaguars called Laser Turf Leveling, a Ring Power Cat Rental Store customer, for help.

Laser Turf Leveling specializes in professional sports turf from golf greens to football fields. Ring Power’s Cat Rental Store provided equipment every step of the way for this exacting project in downtown Jacksonville. Laser Turf Leveling’s Ron Butler explained, "CAT is always our first choice for rental equipment. They are quality machines and more reliable than anything else. I love the service that comes with renting from Ring Power: they come right out any time I need them and if they can’t fix it quickly enough in the field, they swap it out immediately." It is always Ring Power’s goal to keep our customers up and running.

There is an incredible amount of work put into landscaping a football field. Believe it or not, much of this work occurs under ground level. Percolation and drainage are major concerns, meaning that everything below the grass you see is carefully designed as well. For the Jaguars’ new practice field, Laser Turf Leveling used rock, gravel and sand to create the playing field strata. In all, the project required 2,500 tons of sand and a four inches thick layer of rock equaling 1,000 tons. Their state-of-the-art laser technology allows them to guarantee consistent grading results that adhere to NFL specifications. The new grass that grows on top is a Bermuda variation and is grown in Foley, Alabama. Just one practice field required 70,000 square feet of sod rolls! The final result is a uniform football field leveled within an astounding eighth of an inch.

Jacksonville Jaguars’ Supervisor, Jesse Knapp, was also pleased, "I was amazed by how fast Ring Power’s service response was and how they kept me in the loop with every step. I appreciate that, you know I’ve got a lot of different groups needing equipment and updates, it’s nice to know exactly what’s going on. I really enjoy doing business with Ring Power, they’re a real class act." 

Ring Power enjoys doing business with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Laser Turf Leveling, too! The Jacksonville Jaguars have been hard at work practicing for the 2010-2011 football season on their new field. Ring Power and The Cat Rental Store are proud to help construct the foundation for our very own NFL team’s practice field. As they say, "Practice makes perfect!" Here’s to a winning season - Go Jags!

Ring Power’s The CAT Rental Store offers daily, weekly and monthly rentals of construction, agricultural, earth moving, utility, forestry, material handling and aerial equipment. The CAT Rental Store is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida with branch locations in Brooksville, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Bay, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa, Tarpon Springs.

Ring Power Corporation, North and Central Florida's Caterpillar dealer, is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida, with branch locations in Brooksville, Daytona, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Bay, Perry, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa and Tarpon Springs. Ring Power is comprised of eight divisions and has more than 45 years of experience servicing and supporting Caterpillar and allied equipment.

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CAT Rental Store Construction Equipment Work Tool Attachment Advantages

August 13, 2010 at 9:19 AMRing Power

Ring Power CAT Rental StoreWork tools  for your compact construction equipment can help you stay on budget.

Renting work tool attachments is a good way to stretch your budget—and the versatility of your construction equipment. Not only do they get the job done; they don’t have to be stored!

Here are a few work tools that you might consider renting from Ring Power’s Cat Rental Store:

Backhoe work tools expand skid steer loader capabilities with a side-shifting backhoe arm that eliminates the need to transport an additional machine to the jobsite and freeing the machine for work on other projects.

Hydraulic hammers turn skid steers, backhoe loaders and small hydraulic excavators into pulverizers to break up concrete, asphalt and large rocks for easier removal from the job site, or to allow access to buried utilities. CAT Skidsteer with Hammer Attachment

Pickup, utility and angle brooms help skid steer, backhoe and wheel loaders remove dirt, rocks and gravel from sidewalks, roads and parking lots.

Multi-purpose buckets are hinged to help a variety of construction machines scrape, scoop, grapple and dig.

Grapple buckets are made to handle large, irregularly shaped items such as tree stumps or storm debris.

General-purpose buckets are good for digging, grading, loading and material handling tasks.

Side-dump buckets help meter out materials evenly and load trucks in confined spaces.

Ditch-cleaning buckets keep excavators dry with drainage holes that retain the solid material and allow water to run off.

Light material buckets handle loosely packed materials like wood chips or mulch.

Compactor plates help hydraulic excavators compress dirt or pack down gravel prior to pouring sidewalks placing foundations.

Thumb attachments expand a backhoe loader’s ability to move and carry irrigation pipe, fallen tree limbs, or other large objects.

Cold planers help skid steer loaders mill road surfaces to a desired level prior to resurfacing and can also remove traffic lane stripes.

Wheel Saws allow skid steer loaders to cut through concrete.

Augers in a wide range of bit sizes help speed up tree planting and fence post installation.

Landscape tillers help skid steer loaders break up hard-packed soil for seeding or sod placement.

Landscape rakes help skid steer loaders remove rocks from tilled soil.

Mulchers and brushcutters help cut and shred vegetation from overgrown areas and undergrowth from forested terrain.

Trenchers cut a neat, narrow trench with minimal disturbance to the surrounding soil.

Ring Power can help you get more out of your machines and stay within your budget. Call your Cat Rental Storerepresentative to discuss how work tool rental might best suit your needs.

Ring Power’s The CAT Rental Store offers daily, weekly and monthly rentals of construction, agricultural, earth moving, utility, forestry, material handling and aerial equipment. The CAT Rental Store is headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida with branch locations in Brooksville, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Lake City, Lakeland, Ocala, Orlando, Palm Bay, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Tampa, Tarpon Springs.

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Crane Division Adds Annual Inspections to Product Support Menu

August 11, 2010 at 2:17 PMRing Power
Ring Power Crane Offers On Site OSHA Inspections

OSHAIn May, Ring Power Crane began offering on-site inspections, complete with detailed inspection reports, to crane owners throughout north and central Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. These inspections, required annually by OSHA, are geared to ensure structural and mechanical compliance with all applicable safety standards as set forth by OSHA 1926.550, 1910.180, PCSA#2 and ANSI B30.5. 

Ring Power Crane Customer Support Managers Joe Mangum (Atlanta, Ga.) and Bo Morris (St. Augustine, Fla.) have been certified by the Crane Institute of America to perform inspections on mobile hydraulic cranes, lattice cranes, small utility service body cranes, boom trucks, carry deck cranes, barge mounted cranes, articulating boom trucks, all terrain cranes, crawler cranes, and locomotive-type cranes. Ring Power Crane Employee Performs Mandatory Annual OSHA Inspection

To qualify as mobile crane inspectors, Mangum and Morris had to complete and pass the required training courses, and now must remain current with OSHA and ANSI/AMSE regulations through continuing education and training.

Crane Service Operations Manager Mike Jarriel is proud to offer the convenience of on-site inspection services to crane owners throughout Ring Power Crane territories.For more information or to schedule an on-site inspection, crane owners in Georgia, North and South Carolina may contact Joe Mangum at 678-409-2153 or Those in north and central Florida may contact Bo Morris at 904-814-1110 or

Ring Power Crane is the crane division of Ring Power Corporation with location in North Carolina, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout Florida.


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