5 Easy Jobsite Safety Tips

Most injury accidents are caused by an unsafe act, an unsafe working condition or a combination of the two. For example, the back injury caused by the unsafe act of lifting a box that is too heavy; or the slip and fall injury caused by the unsafe act of not cleaning up a spill on the floor. In either instance, taking the proper safety precautions could have prevented the accident. 

Stay alert on the job and don’t let routine or familiar tasks lull you into carelessness. Always observe safety precautions before and during a task, no matter how simple. This includes cleaning up afterward — putting away items left where someone could trip on them or that are improperly stored. 

Know your job and your workplace. Be aware of the safety precautions you must take for any task you perform and remain on the lookout for safety hazards throughout the day.  

Make a personal contribution. Always follow all safety rules, even if you think they are unnecessary or might slow you down. Safety rules in the workplace are for your protection. The most important contribution you can make is to be alert for unsafe conditions and to fix or report them immediately.  

Develop a safe attitude. This is one of the most difficult things to do because most of us have the mistaken notion that it’s always someone else who gets hurt, never us. Attitudes affect actions, so it is important to combat complacency and maintain high safety standards in the workplace.  

Stop, think and observe before you proceed with the task at hand. Time spent planning ahead to prevent an accident is well worth the time saved on healing injuries and repairing damage after one.  

Ring Power® offers comprehensive Safety and Operator Training programs. Safety is often viewed as an expense with little return on investment. In actuality, safety focused companies enjoy extreme savings and a market advantage over their competition. Well-managed safety programs are key catalysts driving your organization to exceed typical safety success factors. Safety awareness training coupled with owning and operating Caterpillar® equipment builds your road to achievement.

For more information on Ring Power's Safety programs, contact Ring Power's Safety department today. 


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