Heavy Equipment

Extend the Life of Your Equipment with a Rebuild

The two best investments in heavy equipment: Cat® machines and Ring Power's Second Life Machine Rebuild. 

Where most competitive models require replacement, Cat equipment is “built to be rebuilt” for a cost-effective “second life." 

With Cat Certified Rebuilds, you can recover all the performance and productivity of your original machine, at a fraction of the price of a new machine. Completed machine rebuilds include more than 350 tests and inspections, replacement of approximately 7,000 parts, like-new machine warranty, and genuine Cat original equipment parts. All of this work is performed by Ring Power’s factory-trained rebuild experts.  

You invested in Cat quality when you bought your machine, and with a Cat Certified Rebuild, you can gain new life out of your equipment for many years to come. To breathe new life into your machine, contact us today!  


Cat Certified Rebuilds are an effective option for rebuilding your machinery, offering an exceptionally high level of service and expertise for this detailed project. We offer five options designed to align with your specific objectives: 

Certified Rebuild: This option is the most extensive: a complete rebuild that covers the entire machine. Any worn or damaged parts are replaced while introducing critical engineering updates that further boost performance. 

Certified Hydraulic Rebuild: When the rest of your equipment is functioning properly, this option allows you to update and refresh the hydraulics - a key improvement for a variety of machines. 

Certified Power Train Rebuild: A power train rebuild covers everything from the radiator to wheels and sprockets, extending your machine's useful life and restoring performance. 

Certified Engine Rebuild: An engine rebuild maximizes your investment in the durability and performance you've come to expect from Cat equipment. 

Certified Machine Component Rebuild: This option focuses on restoring transmissions, torque converters, axle assemblies, final drives and similar components. 

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