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Sullair Introduces ShopTek™ Air Compressors

Ring Power now carries the economical and efficient Sullair ShopTek™ lubricated rotary screw air compressor and is available throughout their Florida locations. The ShopTek is Sullair’s compact belt-driven package which establishes new standards for continuous-duty cosullair air compressor shoptekmpressors–perfect for the shop that requires smaller horsepower, such as light manufacturing, cabinet and trim shops, auto body and tire shops, commercial laundries and many other applications.

Sullair ShopTek™ compressors are available in eight models ranging from 5 to 20 horsepower, with capacities from 17 to 78 acfm, and pressures from 125 to 175 psig. All models are available with an optional Performance Air System that includes a Sullair dryer and Sullair filter. An 80 or 120 gallon storage tank completes the Performance Air System package. All components in the System are perfectly matched and sized to meet varying air quality and performance requirements, eliminating the need to pay for nonessential extras.

Ring Power is a leading supplier of air compressors, air tools, compressor parts and service in Florida for over 45 years. Our offices are located in Miami and Pompano Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Tallahassee. We carry electric and diesel air compressors with names like Sullair, KMT, and Belaire. See all the air compressors, portable or industrial compressed air, high pressure, or ultra high pressure, at our website compressedair.ringpower.com.

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