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Phoenix Products Shares Fuel Storage Tank Common Sense

Phoenix Products, a division of Ring Power Corporation, has some advice for businesses that require on-site fuel storage. Because many companies build aboveground fuel storage tanks,
it is a competitive market. With so many options available for on-site fuel storage tanks, how do you choose?

Common sense says that you should obtain the highest rated tank you can afford. When selecting an aboveground storage tank (AST), ask your insurance company for input because they have an interest in minimizing your liability. Then, contact the local authority having jurisdiction (typically the fire marshal). They will not make specific manufacturer recommendations, but can give specific guidance. Always take a good look at the manufacturer. Even though they may offer an extended warranty of 20 or 30 years, that warranty will be worthless if the manufacturer goes out of business before then. And understand: Just because you may be allowed to install a UL142 tank instead of a UL2085 tank, the savings generated from such a decision won’t begin to pay for the cost of a cleanup. And finally, make sure that you obtain all of the proper approvals, and that you prepare and implement a Spill Prevention and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan as required. Failure to prepare an SPCC plan violates federal SPCC regulations (40 CFR Part 112.3[b]) and could cost your business tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars!

Phoenix Products, a division of Ring Power Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of fueling systems for the reciprocating engine power generation industry. Few companies have more experience designing integrated fuel systems and packaging generator sets, whether for standby power, prime power or peak shaving power applications. For more information about Phoenix Products generator set enclosures, fuel tanks and petroleum recycling services, visit

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