Industrial Air Compressor Fluid Reference Guide

March 17, 2010 at 4:34 PMRing Power
air compressor fluid reference guide

Sullair air compressors and Ring Power® Compressed Air Division, in partnership with Dow Chemical, is pleased to provide you with the newest air compressor reference tool. The Industrial Air Compressor Fluid Reference Guide air compressor fluid provides all the top level information right at your finger tips.

This resource provides valuable information on a variety of fluid producers including Sullair, Atlas Copco®, Kaeser®, Ingersoll Rand®, Quincy®, and aftermarket air compressor fluids like Royal Purple® and Summit®. This resource is packed with information on base stocks, fluid analysis, viscosity, fluid life, glossary of air compressor terminology, and general air compressor guidelines.

Why do air compressors need fluids?
Lubricate bearings
Removes heat: The fluid needs to remove the heat of compression. This heat is not caused by friction, but by the physics of the compressed air itself.
Seal the Rotor: Since the rotors do not touch, the fluid creates the necessary air tight seal with its film.

Why do air compressor fluids have additives? The additives in compressor fluids
Prevent corrosion
Extend the life of the fluid
Prevents or minimizes foam in the compressor’s sump tank
Improves lubricity

The quality and level of technology in the additive package of a fluid dramatically affect its performance. The proprietary blends of Sullair’s air compressor fluid additive packages are carefully formulated to perform at the highest levels.

This Air Compressor Fluid Reference provides:
Pros and cons of each common air compressor fluid base stock used in rotary screw air compressors
Charts the top competitive fluids and their base stocks
Sullair air compressor fluid benefits
Quick tips and calculations
Glossary of commonly used

Click here to download the Air Compressor Fluid Reference Guide. LIT_Fluid Reference Guide.pdf (259.75 kb)

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Sullair Air Compressors Reduce Your Life Cycle Costs

November 4, 2009 at 10:02 AMRing Power
Life Cycle Cost Savings with Sullair Single Stage Compressors

Air Compressor Life Cycle Costs  Business Operating Expenses

According to Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems, Compressed Air Challenge, Second Edition, 2007, energy costs now represent 82-percent of the total operating expenses. Energy savings from Sullair’s single-stage air compressors significantly reduce life cycle costs.

Sullair’s Single-stage Compressors significantly reduce operating and energy costs over the entire compressor life cycle. Contributing to the energy savings are:

  • Sullair’s proven air end with the low restriction inlet valve
  • High efficiency fan
  • Low pressure drop air-fluid separation system to prevent energy loss

Sullair air compressors designs deliver cost savings for the life of the product. Improved air filtration translates into:

  • Extended separator life
  • Improved fluid filter life
  • Less Lubricant contamination

And to reduce fluid disposal costs, Sullair air compressor offers biodegradable Sullube™ 8000-hour fluid, or 24KT™, a long-life fluid that never needs changing.

Utilizing the most modern technologies, equipment and advanced manufacturing techniques, Sullair Air Compressors designs, manufactures, assembles, and test the most innovative compressed air products in the industry. Sullair air compressors are known around the world for their universally applicable design, outstanding craftsmanship and superior quality.

Ring Power is Florida’s leading supplier of air compressors, air tools, air compressor parts and service for over 45 years. We represent the finest electric compressors and diesel air compressor products in the industry with names like Sullair, Hurricane, and Belaire. And with over 450 used and new air compressors and accessories in our inventory, Ring Power is certain to handle even the largest air compressor project. Portable or industrial compressed air, high-pressure, or ultra high-pressure, one call solves your compressed air needs.