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Ring Power Tactical Solutions Unveils Upgraded Armored Deployment Platform for The Rook Armored Critical Incident Vehicle

Ring Power Tactical Solutions, a division of Ring Power Corporation, is excited to announce the launch of its upgraded Armored Deployment Platform for The Rook Armored Critical Incident Vehicle.

Further emphasizing Ring Power Tactical Solutions longstanding commitment to protect law enforcement officers in dangerous standoff situations, The Rook’s upgraded Armored Deployment Platform, now allows officers to make entry into a three-story structure, while remaining protected behind NIJ Level IV armor.

The Armored Deployment Platform (ADP) is one of four attachments that come standard with The Rook. While the ADP has always supported second-story entry from the floor of the platform, the new improvements have added a ladder system and rooftop platform. The ladder system enables officers to make third-story entry by climbing to the rooftop of the ADP. Handholds have been integrated above the lights to aid in climbing. The lights and handholds both retract for transportation and storage.

“Since the launch of The Rook more than a decade ago, we’ve worked closely with law enforcement agencies to develop additional attachments and make customizations and improvements to existing hardware, said Justin Rutherford, Ring Power tactical solutions sales representative. “Several agencies have expressed a desire to have the ability to make entry into three-story structures. The new ADP, designed with feedback from those agencies, enables entry into three-story buildings, while keeping officers protected during dangerous standoff situations.”

The Rook’s custom built NIJ Level IV Armored Deployment Platform, includes a sloping partial roof cover and a floor-to-roof front shield. The shield features sliding center doors and batwing doors on the outer edges, plus independent power for two Go Lights. The ADP provides room for up to four fully dressed officers and is equipped with two locking gunports, four 5” x 9” sliding gun ports, six bullet proof glass sight ports, and wireless video cameras attached to the front of the platform with video feed to the equipment operator.

When the Armored Deployment Platform is mounted on the vehicle, the operator can raise it to 11 feet (to the bottom of the platform) so that entry can be made on the first, second, and third floors. The platform height is also ideal for airplane assault incidents. In a vehicle takedown, the platform can be slanted downward for crowd control and rescues.

The ADP allows a bomb squad to be delivered closer to the proximity of a suspicious device eliminating long walking distances in heavy protective gear.  The Rook can deliver the platform where other vehicles can’t go including schools, malls, large crowds and more. The platform can be detached and used as a fortified position with room for an additional three officers as opposed to hand-carried ballistic shields. Additional uses include hostage rescue, suspicious package removal, bus assaults and delivering hostage negotiation supplies all while behind Level IV Armor.

The Rook tactical vehicle is built from a Cat® chassis and contains rubber tracks, dual joystick controls, cameras, gun port holes, rear and front lights, an enclosed cab with air conditioning/heat and operator comfort seat, custom installed bullet-proof glass, and NIJ Level IV armor cab reinforcement fabrication.

This defensive equipment is custom designed with easily interchangeable, mission-specific attachments that increase personnel safety in a broad range of tactical operations. It is utilized by more than 50 law enforcement agencies across the country, and has been used in dozens of high-profile incidents, including the takedown of terrorists Syed Rizwan and Tashfeen Malik in 2015.

About Ring Power Tactical Solutions

Ring Power Tactical Solutions focuses exclusively on serving the needs of local, state, federal law enforcement and military agencies, specializing in equipment to ensure officer safety during emergency situations. The Rook has been successfully utilized in applications ranging from hostage rescues and riot scenes to natural disaster relief.

For additional information, including The Rook product brochure, please visit therook.ringpower.com or call 904-494-1139.

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