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5 Simple Tips for Preventing Construction Equipment Theft

Heavy Equipment and Compact Construction Equipment theft costs businesses millions of dollars each year. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to minimize your risk of becoming a victim.

Light things up with light towers. Thieves like to work in the dark. Make your jobsite an unappealing target by lighting things up. Ring Power’s Cat Rental Store offers light towers for rent throughout North and Central Florida.

Take advantage of telematics. Utilize Product Link and VisionLink to setup boundaries for your jobsite. Get immediately notified if a machine moves outside of a designated area. You will be more likely to recover stolen equipment, if it's equipped with GPS. 

Keep a lookout. If it is in your budget, hire a security guard to keep a watch on things overnight. If a security guard is not in the budget, consider installing cameras to deter theft.

Fence things in. Any type of barrier creates more work for potential thieves. Fencing things in might persuade criminals to look for an easier target.

Strategically position equipment. Park machines close together at the end of the workday. Consider making a circle, with smaller equipment in the center.


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