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Active Hurricane Season Keeps Generator Rental Team Busy

In September, for only the second time ever, the Atlantic hurricane season used up its entire list of names and began using the Greek alphabet for storm names. This happened only once before, in 2005. 

The record-breaking hurricane season kept the Florida generator rental team working around the clock to restore power to critical operations in storm-affected areas across Florida and the Southeast. 

To date, more than 59 megawatts of power and more than 16 miles of cable has been deployed to storm ravaged areas.

Some of the relief rental applications have included supermarkets, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, FEMA, insurance claim offices, temporary shelters, gas stations, car dealerships, and more.  

The PSD Rental team has worked endless hours to maximize the full potential of Ring Power’s power generation fleet.  The tempo in which everyone on the team operates is a sight to be witnessed, said Steve Ferlita, VP – Used Sales & Rental Manager. Our power is lifesaving because we are restoring the communities to some sense of normality.”  

The logistics of knowing what equipment is needed, what is available, and moving it around the country can get complicated. Thankfully, Ring Power has made significant investments over the past year in developing a connected fleet. Today more than 85 percent of the generator rental fleet is connected.  

Thanks to the investments made in developing a connected fleet, Ring Power's Power Systems Rental Team now has virtual access to control the fleet from anywhere in the world. Through a web application, the team tracks equipment as it moves to its destination, views its location and performance once it is operating, and remotely troubleshoot any issues if they arise.  

A separate web based software program exclusive to Cat dealers allows the team to view available dealer assets across the country, incorporating storm data to predict where equipment will be needed. 

Of course, data only takes you so far. It takes a team of dedicated rental professionals to make it all happen.

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