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Ring Power Lift Truck's Sylvia Reyes Becomes First Female Certified in Forklift Technical Training

We are all feeling a shortage of trained technicians in today's workforce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2018 there are about 442,000 (.1 percent of US population) industrial machine technicians in the U.S workforce, less than 3 percent of those techs are women. Sylvia Reyes is making moves to change that, and increase the number of total technicians we have available. 

For the past two years, Reyes has worked as the Branch Administrator at Ring Power Lift Truck's Miami facility. Recently, Reyes developed a curiosity for a deeper understanding of forklifts and decided to register for our online Technical Lift Truck course. This course helped her meet the prerequisites to get hands-on training in our instructor-led technical training class.

In May, Reyes completed multiple hours of training, and earned IC Engine Control and Fuel Systems I certification—which she passed with flying colors. Gaining this certification, Reyes became the first woman to complete the Ring Power Live Lift Truck Technical Training. However, Reyes isn't finished. She has a student mentality and plans to continue learning and developing skills beyond her current role. 

Reyes is currently enrolled in model-specific courses and intends to get enough training under her belt to assist with other classes. Eventually, she may decide to take her acquired knowledge and pursue a position in the service department or as a Florida forklift field service technician. Kudos, Sylvia!

Gentlemen, there's a new player in town. 

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