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The Rook armored critical incident vehicle becoming must-have tool for law enforcement

Business Insider recently highlighted how The Rook, an armored critical incident vehicle from Ring Power Tactical Solutions, has become a must-have tool for law enforcement agencies across the nation.

The Rook has been utilized by law enforcement agencies in dozens of high profile incidents, including the takedown of terrorists Syed Rizwan and Tashfeen Malik in 2015.

The Rook tactical vehicle is built from a Cat® chassis and contains rubber tracks, dual joystick controls, cameras, gun port holes, rear and front lights, an enclosed cab with air conditioning/heat and operator comfort seat, custom installed bullet-proof glass, and NIJ Level IV armor cab reinforcement fabrication.

With its versatile attachments, The Rook is an invaluable tool for law enforcement when dealing with dangerous situations. Read the full article from Business Insider here.

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