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Ring Power celebrates 15 Years of Paver Training

In 2000, Ring Power was a pilot dealer for a new training concept by Caterpillar: Paver Operations Training. The "train-the-trainer" program is based on a Cat patented process, "Paving by the Numbers," which strips down the complex paving process into just 14 steps.

This training is unique in several ways. First, the day begins with classroom presentations where the day's goals are outlined and on screen presentations are used to lay out concepts. The second half of the day is completely hands-on. The entire class goes out to a paved training area where sand is run through the machines in place of asphalt so that the classroom concepts can be reinforced and realized by actual paving. Additionally, the class maintains a low 2:1 trainer to student ratio, which is critical to the program's success. It is also unique in that the concepts that are taught can be utilized with any manufacturer's paver. This enables users of mixed fleets to realize the value of the program while soft-selling Cat as the leader in the industry.

On day one of training each student is given a benchmark assessment. At the end of the weeklong training, students take the same exam as a hands-on practical exam. Those who successfully complete the program are presented with a certificate and all of the training materials to take back to their respective companies and implement the program.

Throughout February, Paving Products Support Specialist Mark Halvorsen, Paving Products Division Manager Phil Ireland, Certified Demo Operators Curt Loucks and Mike Oster, New Sales Coordinator Darryl Kloter, and HE Executive Secretaries Tammy Manganelli and Elvira Elliott assisted the Cat Paver Operations Trainers in Tampa with the weeklong training sessions. The first three weeks catered to other Cat dealers' customers from around the U.S. The final week of the class was exclusively for Ring Power customers.

More than 200 people have completed the training since 2000.

Ring Power's paving division offers quality paving equipment for road construction, re-paving, or concrete curb and gutter jobs.

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