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Think Electric Forklifts Are Only for Warehouse Applications? THINK AGAIN!

Cat Lift Trucks introduces 80-volt electric pneumatic tire forklifts.Electric 
Pneumatic Forklift by Cat Lift Trucks

Electric forklifts are common place in applications requiring a forklift without emissions, such as warehouses, logistical operations, and storage facilities. Benefits of operating electric forklifts include:
• Lower forklift operating costs
• Longer operating life
for your forklift

• Less forklift maintenance due to fewer moving parts
• Lower noise levels

Now, Cat Lift Trucks translates all these benefits to outdoor applications with a series of electric pneumatic tire forklifts in capacities ranging from 5,000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. These electric forklifts are not afraid of rugged environments and deliver performance similar to an internal combustion (IC) lift truck with all the benefits of an electric forklift.

Caterpillar’s EPC5000-EP6000 and EP7000-EP10000 Series of 80-volt electric pneumatic counter-balance forklifts provide maximum performance in a variety of applications due to advanced powerful technology.

Longer Operating Times

The newly designed AC control system offers efficient and improved performance and optimal energy recovery through the regenerative braking system, which allows up to 20% of the energy to be put back into the battery. The result is longer operating times on
just one battery charge.

Reliable Motors

The AC electric motor is protected to IP54, protecting them against dust, water and chemicals. The motors are extremely quiet and provide precise performance at all power levels.

Extended Service Intervals

These electric pneumatic forklifts minimize maintenance by extending service intervals. Battery capacity and service reminders are clearly visible on the premium operator display.

For complete specifications on Cat Lift Trucks’ 80-volt electric pneumatic forklifts, click to download this Adobe PDF file:

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