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Forklift Forks: By The Numbers

Facts and figures for Forklift Forks and Lift Chains forklift fork lift chains

The normal maximum percentage of elongation of a forklift’s lift chain is only 3%.

Five Percent is the maximum edge wear allowed of a forklift’s lift chain.

A forklift’s fork-length is only permitted to be extended by 1.5 times the length of the original fork.

Standard, square, tapered and round are 4 typical types of fork tips

A forklift’s capacity is reduced by 20% when the fork’s wear is reduced by as little as 10%.

Nearly 25% of all forklift forks in operation fail to meet safety criteria

Three most common failures of forks are cracked heels, worn heels, and unauthorized welds performed on the forks.

Remember, "Repair by only the manufacturer of the fork or an expert of equal competence shall decide if a fork may be repaired for continual use, and the repairs shall be carried out by such parties. It is recommended that the surface cracks or wear be repaired by welding. When repairs necessitating resetting are required, the fork shall subsequently be subjected to an appropriate heat treatment, as necessary."

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