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Hurricane Season Tips: Flooded Tank Precautions

Hurricane Season started June 1st and is predicted to be active with several major storms forecasted to strike land. If you have a fuel tank that becomes flooded as a result of such a storm, there are numerous considerations Phoenix Products logothat should be made before attempting restart or commencing operational status.

  • Make sure electrical panels are clean and dry.
  • Check pumps, dispensers, emergency shutoff, panel box, etc. for continuity and shorts.
  • Remove any water in dispenser sumps, pans, tank sumps, etc. Sump water should be removed by an authorized state licensed waste hauler and hauled to an appropriate treatment facility.
  • Handle hazardous waste according to the law (fuel contaminated water or water contaminated fuel).
  • Check tank bottoms for debris and water that may have been caused by surface flooding.
  • If tanks shifted and problems are found, repair them according to manufacturer’s instructions and appropriate industry standards such a NFPA 30, NFPA 30A or NFPA 110.
  • Make sure vents and vapor lines have not moved or cracked.
  • Check vents for blockage and proper operation.
  • Inspect dispenser electronics for evidence of water intrusion.  Use dispenser manufacturer dryout procedures prior to energizing dispensers.
  • Check dispenser filters and submersible check-valve screens for plugging with dirt or debris.
  • Notify authorities if necessary.  DO NOT accept new fuel until system integrity is proven.  In the case of Underground Storage Tanks, DO NOT assume everything is okay because water did not flood over tank area; the water table could have risen and caused problems.
  • If you are storing fuel containing ethanol as an oxygenate or if you are using biodiesel, the presence of water can adversely affect the fuel’s efficacy so testing is absolutely necessary and a complete pump out is probable.

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