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Forklift Cooling System Maintenance

Why is your forklift's cooling system maintenance such a hot topic?   forklift cooling radiator

Shift after shift, forklifts can encounter extreme temperature changes and prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals. Operating under these conditions negatively affects the cooling system, often causing corrosion, heat cracking, dry rot, and chemical deterioration. As a result, overheating occurs. Individual forklift cooling system components should be inspected on a regular basis to help minimize downtime and product damage.

  1. A low coolant level reduces cooling capability. Coolant also deteriorates chemically over time, leading to damage of cooling system components.

  2. Non-OEM rubber hoses often soften and then collapse, reducing coolant flow. As a result, overheating can occur.

  3. A forklift with loose belts and worn pulleys can contribute to overheating due to slippage.

  4. Clogged, bent or damaged fins can restrict airflow through the radiator core, causing overheating damage to the engine and transmission.

  5. Loose or damaged fan blades can cause the fan to be out of balance and vibrate, damaging bearings and radiator.

  6. If the radiator tank pressure cap does not maintain the correct pressure, it will not allow the radiator to obtain the proper water flow — which can cause your forklift to overheat.

  7. Since the radiator cools transmission fluid, an inefficient or leaking cooling system can result in damage to the transmission.

 Some forklift operating environments or applications may require optional equipment. E-mail Ring Power Lift Trucks for complete details, order parts for your forklift or to schedule a service appointment.

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