Falcon Tanks & Generator Enclosures by Phoenix Products

June 3, 2009 at 3:39 PMRing Power
Phoenix Products introduced new line of fuel tanks and generator enclosures


Falcon Tanks introduced as a new line of high quality, yet economical fuel storage enclosures by Phoenix Products.

Falcon Fuel Storage Tanks
True double-wall, secondary containment generator base tanks are UL-142 listed and labeled. Both the inner and outer tanks are completely sealed and pressure tested. The inner (primary) tank is vented with primary and emergency vents, and the secondary containment tank has an emergency vent. The fuel tank sits on steel channel supports allowing visual inspection of tank bottom as well as air movement preventing condensation-induced corrosion. Options include a variety of fill configurations and level alarms. The units support generators and enclosures and available is sizes up to 1,200 gallons.

Falcon Generator Set Enclosures
Custom built to fit the generator and the sub-base tank, all Falcon generator set enclosures are designed and engineered to provide proper airflow and are manufactured with quality materials to protect your investment.

Standard Featuresgenerator fuel tank

  • Lightweight frame with pre-painted aluminum side panels
  • Mill finished aluminum, flat roof construction
  • 36" doors with weatherproof gasket and stainless steel hardware with lockable handles
  • Fixed intake louvers with bird screen and gravity discharge dampers
  • Exhaust silencer mounting brackets


Optional Features
  • Motorized air intake and/or air outlet louvers (dampers)
  • Sound attenuation
  • Electric and lightning systems
  • Custom paint colors

To learn more about Falcon fuel tanks and generator enclosures by Phoenix Products or for assistance with any tank inspection, tank repair, or tank ‘return to service’ issues you may encounter, email phoenix.sales@phoenixprods.com 

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Phoenix Products specializes in the manufacturing of generator set enclosures, fuel storage tanks, electrical control panels and insulation blankets for exhaust systems, as well as metal stairs and platforms. Their headquarters reside in Jacksonville, Florida with offices in Oakdale, California.


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Hurricane Season Tips: Flooded Tank Precautions

June 2, 2009 at 2:55 PMRing Power
Hurricane Season started June 1st and is predicted to be active with several major storms forecasted to strike land. If you have a fuel tank that becomes flooded as a result of such a storm, there are numerous considerations that should be made before attempting restart or commencing operational status.

Hurricane Season started June 1st and is predicted to be active with several major storms forecasted to strike land. If you have a fuel tank that becomes flooded as a result of such a storm, there are numerous considerations Phoenix Products logothat should be made before attempting restart or commencing operational status.

  • Make sure electrical panels are clean and dry.
  • Check pumps, dispensers, emergency shutoff, panel box, etc. for continuity and shorts.
  • Remove any water in dispenser sumps, pans, tank sumps, etc. Sump water should be removed by an authorized state licensed waste hauler and hauled to an appropriate treatment facility.
  • Handle hazardous waste according to the law (fuel contaminated water or water contaminated fuel).
  • Check tank bottoms for debris and water that may have been caused by surface flooding.
  • If tanks shifted and problems are found, repair them according to manufacturer’s instructions and appropriate industry standards such a NFPA 30, NFPA 30A or NFPA 110.
  • Make sure vents and vapor lines have not moved or cracked.
  • Check vents for blockage and proper operation.
  • Inspect dispenser electronics for evidence of water intrusion.  Use dispenser manufacturer dryout procedures prior to energizing dispensers.
  • Check dispenser filters and submersible check-valve screens for plugging with dirt or debris.
  • Notify authorities if necessary.  DO NOT accept new fuel until system integrity is proven.  In the case of Underground Storage Tanks, DO NOT assume everything is okay because water did not flood over tank area; the water table could have risen and caused problems.
  • If you are storing fuel containing ethanol as an oxygenate or if you are using biodiesel, the presence of water can adversely affect the fuel’s efficacy so testing is absolutely necessary and a complete pump out is probable.

Be prepared for hurricane season; let Phoenix Products assist with any tank inspection, tank repair, or tank ‘return to service’ issues you may encounter. Email phoenix.sales@phoenixprods.com

Phoenix Products specializes in the manufacture of generator set enclosures, fuel storage tanks, electrical control panels and insulation blankets for exhaust systems, as well as metal stairs and platforms. Their headquarters reside in Jacksonville, Florida with  offices in Oakdale, California.

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Tough Economy. Dependable Equipment Partner.

June 1, 2009 at 3:52 PMRing Power
Cat 279C with Grapple Rake

Ring Power’s, Cat® Rental Store Advantage construction equiment rent

In challenging times, many competitive dealers fold-up and go away. That is not the case with your trusted Cat Dealer, Ring Power. We offer equipment for your jobsite, service and support that outlast the hard times as well as the good times. Machines that can outwork anything else in your fleet and still deliver lower fuel consumption and lower operating costs.

Here are a few additional reasons to do business with a Ring Power’s Cat Rental Store in these tough economic times:

  • - The average age of our skid steers, compact loaders, mini wheel loaders, mini excavators, and multi-terrain loaders is less than 18 months. Our competitors’ fleets average more than 40 months and in some cases more than 50.Youngest Fleet in the Industry
  • Equipment Service - Ring Power has over 150 construction equipment service vehicles covering the entire north and central Florida. Ring Power’s Cat Rental Store has dedicated service vehicles plus onsite Preventative Maintenance lube trucks.
  • Cat Construction Equipment Lineup – Our competitors carry multiple brands of equipment (Komatsu, Deere, Kobelco, etc.) Caterpillar is one brand/one vendor for parts. If we have to swap machines, it will be a Cat machine. Your operator will be in a machine he is familiar with and be more productive. The competition will substitute any brand, which can create confusion to the operator.
  • Field Serviceability – We dispatch certified Caterpillar mechanics and Caterpillar parts for Caterpillar machines. The competition services multiple brands, which slows down response time in the field. Competitors spend more time "assessing" situations in the field and locating correct parts, which causes more downtime.
  • Complete offering - We offer customers the option to rent new or low-hour used machines, Purchase new or low-hour used machines, Rent to Purchase (three options to choose from), Lease, or Finance In-house. Our rental competition will sell used equipment, but there usually is no warranty left, and they typically do not provide any service after the sale. Their Rental Purchase Option (RPO) requirements are limited if they offer RPOs at all. (Most offer only 60-70% to apply to purchase, and once the RPO expires the customer must buy or lose entire investment.)
  • Resale Value - Caterpillar machines consistently generate higher resale values. Our previously owned allied products are often purchased by our competitors, which is a testament to the quality and service history of our fleet. We carry Genie manlifts, boomlifts and light towers, JCB dumpttrucks and rough terrain forklifts, Vac-Con vacuum trucks, Sullair portable air compressors, Lay-more sweepers, Lull tellehandlers, Kawasaki Mules, and Terex Utility Trucks and digger derricks.
  • Parts Availability – Caterpillar has the best parts availability in the industry, which equates to less downtime for you.
  • Cat Access Account – The ability to have a credit line with CAT Access Account helps transient contractors perform interstate work easily.
  • Locations and Fleet Size – Centralized dispatch for 13 locations with more than 2,450 rental machines allows us to move equipment where needed and share fleet resources for our customers’ benefit.

Stop by one of our 15 locations through north and central Florida, reach us by phone 888-748-7464 or info@ringpower.com for your daily, weekly, monthly or long-term rental.

Forklift Cooling System Maintenance

May 22, 2009 at 8:01 AMRing Power
Forklift Cooling Systems

Why is your forklift's cooling system maintenance such a hot topic?   forklift cooling radiator

Shift after shift, forklifts can encounter extreme temperature changes and prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals. Operating under these conditions negatively affects the cooling system, often causing corrosion, heat cracking, dry rot, and chemical deterioration. As a result, overheating occurs. Individual forklift cooling system components should be inspected on a regular basis to help minimize downtime and product damage.

  1. A low coolant level reduces cooling capability. Coolant also deteriorates chemically over time, leading to damage of cooling system components.

  2. Non-OEM rubber hoses often soften and then collapse, reducing coolant flow. As a result, overheating can occur.

  3. A forklift with loose belts and worn pulleys can contribute to overheating due to slippage.

  4. Clogged, bent or damaged fins can restrict airflow through the radiator core, causing overheating damage to the engine and transmission.

  5. Loose or damaged fan blades can cause the fan to be out of balance and vibrate, damaging bearings and radiator.

  6. If the radiator tank pressure cap does not maintain the correct pressure, it will not allow the radiator to obtain the proper water flow — which can cause your forklift to overheat.

  7. Since the radiator cools transmission fluid, an inefficient or leaking cooling system can result in damage to the transmission.

 Some forklift operating environments or applications may require optional equipment. E-mail Ring Power Lift Trucks for complete details, order parts for your forklift or to schedule a service appointment.

Ring Power Lift Trucks is the material handling division of Ring Power Corporation, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. Additional offices service Pompano Beach, Miami, Daytona Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Ocala and Tallahassee. Ring Power Lift Truck represents: Caterpillar® Lift Trucks, Mitsubishi Forklifts, Linde forklifts, Kalmar Industrial Forklifts, Princeton and Navigator piggybacks, rough terrain forklifts by Noble, and specialized products by Bendi, Big Joe and productive Cascade Attachments.


Rough Terrain Forklifts: The choice when moving materials off road

May 15, 2009 at 9:25 AMRing Power

Sometimes what seem to be the most simple tasks can prove to be among the most difficult to complete.rough terrain forklift
For instance, moving materials at an off road worksite. Whether it’s carrying pallets of bricks in a material storage yard or transporting 20-foot lengths of pipe on a work site, this seeming simple job can be very difficult if the proper equipment isn’t available
A rough terrain forklift easily and efficiently moves materials at an off road site. The machines are typically built using a tractor loader drive-train, so you have the tractive force needed to work in mud, sand slopes and other challenging underfoot conditions.
Rough terrain forklift users include:

  • Building and specialty trade contractors
  • Energy companies
  • Mining
  • Loggers
  • Lumber yards
  • Sod and turf farmers
  • Salvage specialists and scrap metal

Rough terrain forklifts maneuver more quickly and are less expensive to rent than other types of equipment that transport materials at off road sites. Maneuverability is key in applications such as a salvage yard, where equipment must operate on uneven surfaces around stacks of material.
The machines are available in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models.
When working in mud, sand or in rough terrain, four-wheel drive is the preferred option. Sod growers, for instance, who transport pallets of sod from fields to trucks often choose four-wheel drive to maneuver though muddy fields.
Visit lifttrucks.ringpower.com to see all of our rough terrain forklifts by Lift King and Manitou.
Ring Power Lift Trucks represents these manufacturers of quality material handling equipment throughout the state of Florida and the Southeast: Caterpillar®, Mitsubishi, Linde, Kalmar, Princeton, Navigator, Bendi, Noble, Big Joe and highly productive Cascade Attachments.

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Fire Truck Rescued by St. Augustine Paint Shop

April 29, 2009 at 2:56 PMRing Power
St. Augustine Branch Donates Time to Restore Fire Truck


On hand to turn over the shiny, restored truck to Rodeheaver were several Ring Power employees and managers who took part in the effort. Pictured left to right: Branch Service Manager Chris Tomkinson, SVP Director of Facilities and Purchasing Dennis Steed, HE Unit Foreman Daryl Gandy, Larry Albane and Gerald Bustion; Rodeheaver representatives Jim Hughes, Jeff King and Ken Johnson; and President Randy Ringhaver.

Ring Power's St. Augustine branch donated the heavy equipment paint shop's expertise to the Rodeheaver Boys Ranch by offering to restore the charitable organization’s Ford C-Series fire truck. The ranch, which is located in Palatka, Fla., utilizes the fire truck for small brush fires, Boy Scout merit badge training, and to train boys for future public service careers.

The truck had been eaten away by rust, leaving holes in the roof and body. A special thanks to the whole St. Augustine paint shop crew for making the truck look as good as the day it rolled off the assembly line!

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Save Money with Ring Power Diesel Technician Training

April 22, 2009 at 2:25 PMRing Power
Ring Power offers a wide array of training courses including, but not limited to: Hydraulics, Electrical, Engine, Safety and many other training courses tailored to your needs!

If you have Caterpillar® Service Information System (SIS) or Electronic Technician (E/T) but are not using the software, or not using it properly, you are throwing money away!

Let Ring Power’s Training Department help teach your heavy equipment technicians how to use these diesel engine analysis programs to get the most out of your construction equipment investment; because well-trained technicians will save you valuable equipment downtime and, in turn, save your company money.

Ring Power offers you the highest quality of heavy equipment, diesel engine, hydraulics and electronic training in the construction and power generation industry. We accomplish this through the experience, commitment and qualifications of our Master Trainers, which include both State and Federal Certifications. We offer a wide array of training courses including, but not limited to: hydraulics, electrical, diesel engine, operator safety and many other training courses tailored to your needs!

Ring Power's training programs are designed specifically for your heavy equipment and applications. Your organization’s needs are determined by reviewing where you are and where you want or need to be. The training professional then sets about designing a definitive training program to assist in the achievement of your department’s service technician training goals.

For more information or to arrange a heavy equipment, diesel engine service training course: training@ringpower.com


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Phoenix Products Shares Fuel Storage Tank Common Sense

April 10, 2009 at 10:52 AMRing Power
Things to keep in mind when choosing an on-site fuel storage tank.

Phoenix Products, a division of Ring Power Corporation, has some advice for businesses that require on-site fuel storage. Because many companies build aboveground fuel storage tanks,
it is a competitive market. With so many options available for on-site fuel storage tanks, how do you choose?

Common sense says that you should obtain the highest rated tank you can afford. When selecting an aboveground storage tank (AST), ask your insurance company for input because they have an interest in minimizing your liability. Then, contact the local authority having jurisdiction (typically the fire marshal). They will not make specific manufacturer recommendations, but can give specific guidance. Always take a good look at the manufacturer. Even though they may offer an extended warranty of 20 or 30 years, that warranty will be worthless if the manufacturer goes out of business before then. And understand: Just because you may be allowed to install a UL142 tank instead of a UL2085 tank, the savings generated from such a decision won’t begin to pay for the cost of a cleanup. And finally, make sure that you obtain all of the proper approvals, and that you prepare and implement a Spill Prevention and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan as required. Failure to prepare an SPCC plan violates federal SPCC regulations (40 CFR Part 112.3[b]) and could cost your business tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars!

Phoenix Products, a division of Ring Power Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of fueling systems for the reciprocating engine power generation industry. Few companies have more experience designing integrated fuel systems and packaging generator sets, whether for standby power, prime power or peak shaving power applications. For more information about Phoenix Products generator set enclosures, fuel tanks and petroleum recycling services, visit www.phoenixprods.com.

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Electric Forklift: Charging forklift batteries safely

March 25, 2009 at 10:47 AMRing Power
Electric Forklift

Electric forkliftThe biggest consideration of an electric forklift is the recharging process. A typical battery takes 8 hours to recharge completely and then an additional 8 hours to cool down before it is used. For example, a single charge could last from 3 to 12 hours depending on the application and other factors. If your operation has multiple shifts you may need to purchase additional batteries or, in certain instances, a fast charge system can be used. The fast charge system will reduce the need for additional batteries and potentially eliminates the need for a charging station. A battery-handling station occupies approximately 200 sq. feet or more depending on the number of electric forklifts in your fleet and number of shifts in your operation.

Here are some recommendations to follow when charging the battery of your electric forklift.

Charging Areas - Proper Equipment
All plants should have designated charging areas for their forklifts, especially if they change batteries at the end of each shift. These areas should have proper battery handling equipment including overhead hoists, lifting beams, battery racks and cranes, and the area must be well ventilated.

A source of running water nearby is desirable and a water hose at the filling operation is recommended.

Racks used in the charging area must be insulated to prevent any sparking. The battery rack supports must also be suitably insulated or made of non-conducting material.'

The floors in battery and charging rooms should have an acid-resistant coating and be sloped toward a sump. They should always be washed with clean water after an acid spill. The spill should be neutralized with a non-corrosive, water based neutralizing chemical that is user safe and environmentally compliant.

Hand-operated fire extinguishers should be available in all charging areas even if the areas are equipped with automatic sprinkler systems. For information on extinguisher class, size and mounting locations, consult local fire authorities or your insurance carrier.

Charging Areas - Proper Ventilation
The forklift battery charging area must be properly ventilated, either naturally or with a ventilation system. When installing a ventilation system, a number of factors must be considered, including the number and size of batteries being charged at one time and the size, height and air-tightness of the room

Ventilation is considered satisfactory if the hydrogen concentration does not exceed 2% in anyone location. Concentrations of more than 4% are explosive and dangerous. A number of instruments, such as combustible gas indicators and flammable vapor indicators, are available for continuous automatic analysis of hydrogen content in the air.

Always keep tray covers and truck compartment covers open when charging a battery. This helps cool the battery and disperse the gases.

Connecting/Disconnecting Charger
Always turn the battery charger OFF before connecting or disconnecting a forklift battery. Live leads can cause arcing and sparking, which could cause an explosion if battery gases are present. In addition, the contact surfaces of the plugs or connectors will become pitted over time.

Sparks, Open Flames
Because of the explosive gas mixtures generated while charging batteries, anything that could ignite the gas, such as sparks, open flames, an electrical are, smoking, etc., must be prohibited in the charging areas. To serve as a prominent reminder, "NO SMOKING" signs should be posted in all charging areas.

Visit lifttrucks.ringpower.com to view all of our electric forklifts and contact us for electric forklift batteries, electric forklift battery chargers, and supplies.


Forklift Batteries     


Ring Power Lift Trucks on LinkedIn 

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Pompano Branch Open House Was A Success

March 10, 2009 at 12:29 PMRing Power
Pompano Beach branch open house video walk-thru

Ring Power's Pompano Beach branch held an open house late last week to give customers a chance to tour the new facility and learn more about all the services Ring Power can provide. 150 people from 60 different companies visited the facility, spoke with Ring Power and manufacturers reps, and had lunch. Below is a video walk-thru in case you missed it:

If video doesn't appear - Click Here

  Construction began on the new facility, located at 2700 North Powerline Road, April 2008. Ring Power combined its Pompano Beach Lift Trucks branch (formerly located on Blount Road) and Crane division branch office at the new site. The new facility is located on approximately 5 acres, and features a 52,449-ft2 facility that includes 13,807-ft2 of office space plus an 8,671-ft2 parts warehouse. The service shops includes six lift truck bays and nine crane bays. Constructing the new facility required the demolition of the old Ring Power Crane building.

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