Preparing Before the Storm:Schedule Your Generator Inspection & Arrange a Free Site Survey

April 13, 2020 at 12:36 PMRing Power

With everything going on with COVID-19, it's easy to forget that hurricane season is just around the corner. Forecasters are calling for an above-average season, with 16 named storms -- eight of which will become hurricanes. Of the eight hurricanes forecast, four are expected to become major hurricanes – Category 3, 4 or 5.

Now is the time to prepare your business. 

Our expert generator technicians can help you prepare for the unpredictable. Generator inspections and maintenance should be performed before the arrival of hurricane season on June 1. Ring Power Systems offers 24 hour emergency generator service and preventive maintenance programs for all makes of power generation equipment and switchgear. Schedule your Florida generator service today. 

Not sure what you need to keep the power running? Download our contingency planning guide. With a solid contingency plan in place, you'll know what to do and whom to call to restore your power as soon as possible, to keep your business functioning and your revenue stream flowing.

Sooner or later, power outages affect everyone. Don't wait for the inevitable to happen. The time to plan is now. Schedule a free site survey today.

Ring Power offers the following equipment for rent or sale:

Cat Sound Attenuated Diesel and Natural Gas Generators (20-2000kw)

Transformers, Transfer Switches and Load Banks

Air Compressors (diesel or electric) 20 to 3000 CFM, Compressed Air Dryers, High Pressure Booster Packages

Chillers - Water and Air Cooled - 50-500 Ton

DX - Split Systems, DX Units- 25-90 Ton


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Ring Power’s Orlando Generator Service Techs are “..absolutely the best..”

October 11, 2013 at 9:51 AMRing Power

Ring Power’s Orlando Generator Service Techs are “..absolutely the best..”  To find out why, read the letter below from Patrick Barker, Senior Facilities Managers at Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. L-R-  Orlando Generator Service Techs Chris Smith, Rob McKee and Frank Smith

FROM:                  Patrick Barker

TO:                        Ed Edwards

SUBJECT:             Annual PM/Load Bank


It's important to note that the generator mechanics [technicians] that you have working on our equipment are absolutely the best that I've had the pleasure to work with. They are always on time, they are very good natured and have never done anything but perform their work with a high degree of professionalism and superior competence. Frank [Smith], Chris [Smith] and Rob [McKee] did a great job and Rob followed through once again this past Saturday mending the control board and ensuring that the ALC technician got what he needed to complete his task.

I really appreciate everything your crew brings to the table, and just felt compelled to pass along my most sincere gratitude to you and your entire team.

Patrick L. Barker, Senior Facilities Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.

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